Thursday, May 03, 2007

Title? We Don' Need No Steenkin' Title!

You'll know when the time has arrived that you really need to get back outside and connect with "Teh Real World"TM when you find yourself thinking, "hmm, this is a good idea, I think I'll download it"

Fact is Stranger than Pokemon
. (via BoingBoing)

Spreading the truth. (via Making Light's Particles)

I know what to get my daughter for her birthday!! (also thanks to BoingBoing)

Tonight was rainy and COLD. The weather here is totally psychotic. I haven't put away all of my winter sweaters yet - maybe by June? Gasoline is up to $3.55 at the corner gas station. I am so glad I live less than 10 miles from work. I'd take the light rail but it takes me over an hour to get to the office vs. a 15 minute commute (and that's door to desk).

I now offically have "way too many books" on my 'to read list'. I need Amazon Anonymous. If it doesn't exist, I'll start it. Hmm, have to add Borders Anon. and Science Fiction Book Club Anon. too. Let's not get started on my Levenger problem. If you meet my daughter please don't ask her about me and Brighton, either.

Dawno trivia: what is Dawno's favorite drink? Hint: She's so addicted to it that she spent $50 at the grocery today and only bought that drink (I cleaned the shelf - probably have a 2 week supply now). No, it's not Laphroaig 10 yr. old single malt Scotch. It's non-alcoholic, 0 carbs, 0 calories, has anti-oxidant properties and ginseng included in the ingredients.

Post your guess in comments. I'll give up the answer in a day or so. First one to guess correctly gets a custom Haku Pome written just for them. Or just comment - I need the distraction to keep me from ordering another book.


Linkmeister said...

ginseng, huh? That eliminates V-8.

Cookie said...

I know! :D

Every time I see it on sale in those half gallon jugs I think of you. I won't give it away, though. Let someone else have that fun.


Dawno said...

hi linkmeister! Thanks for stopping by. I like V-8, but no, it's not *the* drink.

((cookie!!!)) I bought 6 - one gallon jugs and 32 cans (they're only 99 cents each - and the bottles have 20 oz. vs the can's 23.5 oz. and the bottles cost around $1.50. Such a deal!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Is it one of those flavored ice tea drinks?

I wish I loved something that was non alcoholic and non-caloric that much. I'd clean out the shelves too.

And I love "Amazon Anonymous." I can totally relate!

susan said...

I found some great fiction book reviews. You can also see those reviews in Non fiction book

Dawno said...

crabby - you are sooooooooo close.

susan, you look a teensy bit like comment's disappointing, but maybe I'm wrong? Tell us a bit about yourself!

Cookie said...

I saw those cans at Raleys this morning. :D Longs has the jugs on sale. I'm assuming you know that. Today, Saturday, is the last day, though. *huggles*

Dawno said...

I don't have a Raley's near-by. Nob Hill was where I shopped. Longs is always out by the time I get there.

No winners yet - I may have to just write that HAKU as a hint...

Cookie said...

Well... Raleys does own Nob Hill. Really? My Longs had a ton left this morning. I guess we're not as cool as you are. Oh, wait... I knew that.