Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Got home yesterday night from the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, Chicon7. Attended some panels, chatted with some wonderful people, got some books signed and made a few purchases in the dealer's room. Also did some supporting for some bids, saw the opening ceremony and had a great dinner at Lou Malnati's with some of the Fluorospherians of Making Light

Should have taken more pictures, alas. Here's a bit of what I got on the train trip there and at the con.

I was on the Southwest Chief, but this poster was near  my compartment and
I thought it was cool. Also, may just take this train up and visit with
some friends in the Seattle area someday.
Somewhere in New Mexico - wish the layers of rust and umber stone on those buttes were clearer,
they were really beautiful
This is from the next day when we were way up in the mountains in Colorado. The highest we got was over 7,000 ft.
The contrast between the red stone of the desert and the beige of the mountains was what interested me.

View of Chicago at night from the Marriott, which was very near Lake Michigan.

Toastmaster John Scalzi doing his opening monologue
The Guests of Honor 
Jay Lake's reading