Saturday, November 19, 2011

Come to LosCon38 and See Dawno's Stuff! (Crossposted from my beading blog)

The reason why I don't blog as much is that I'm hunched over my workbench making jewelry. Right now I'm trying to get out as many new pieces for LosCon38 this coming Friday as I can, as well as for a holiday event where my husband works in early December. 

The first piece below is an assemblage of copper floral bits on a copper oval with a copper cuff bracelet base. I'm very happy with how it's turned out. 

The next set are a few of the assemblage pieces in steampunk style that I'm going to make pins and necklaces of.

Finally, here's a necklace with some gears on the chain, delicate antique watch face, a really lovely engraved vintage watch part with ruby jewel, brass filigree and brass chain.

Of course I'll have my usual lanyards, bracelets and a few other steampunk pieces on display as well. If you're going to be near the airport (LAX) Marriott the weekend after Thanksgiving, check out LosCon and come see me in the dealer's room!