Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do You Query, Computers Chatting and Where Did I Put That?

New Absolute Write member, justpat, posted about a web site he's created with a query tracking tool he's providing for free to anyone interested. I haven't gotten to the place where I'll be using it (if I ever do) but I took a look around and it looks pretty useful. The site is easy on the eyes and the tool seems pretty user friendly. Give Query Tracker a looksee. If you want to comment on it here, feel free.

The hubby forwarded me this link about two computers set up to chat with each other. I'd rather chat with them than a lot of folk I remember showing up in chat rooms way back when I actually visited chat rooms.

I don't know if I've mentioned it recently - and that's part of the problem - but my memory is really going to hell. I spend way too much time trying to remember the word I want to use, looking everywhere for the glasses perched on top of my head, trying to find the earrings I swear I put in the earring dish, and that bottle of tea I just opened. I think I just need to keep everything in a big cart and drag it around with me wherever I go. Picture me in my St. John suit, Ferragamo shoes, Prada bag hung over my shoulder, pushing a grocery cart into the elevator at work. "No, I'm not homeless, just forgetful. Fourth floor please." It won't be long before HR asks me to take a nice little mental disability leave.

I recently added "Ask the Brontë Sisters" to my reader. Isn't the internet a fun place?


Crabby McSlacker said...

Jeez, Dawno, I'm going to have to stop visiting your site--you keeping sending me off to all these great places I kinda wish I didn't know about. The Bronte Sisters, for example, are hysterical!

And I'm so with you on the memory thing. I always thought when I was younger that such decrepitude happened in old age, not so soon. But now I'm finding, um, I finding that... crap, what was I saying?

Frank Baron said...

Crabby stole my line.

Luckily, I'm adorable when I pout.

serge said...

two computers set up to chat with each other

Something like that happened in the movie Colossus: The Forbin Project. Soon they had taken over the wolrd - for its own good of course.

AstonWest said...

I've been having that issue (with the memory) as well. I imagine mine's due to a combination of stress at work and home (increases in responsibility at both), as well as a lack of sleep.