Monday, August 29, 2011

Isn't Packing for a Move Fun??!1??

Short answer, "NO."

Longer answer - my office/beading workshop is not an easy thing to pack up. Fiddly little beads - even in bags and bins need to be organized in their boxes just right or they'll end up all over the bottom of the boxes and, perhaps, even leaving a trail from here to there as they're hauled down to L.A.

I still have a lot of miscellaneous stuff to figure out how to pack - including the loose beads in the drawers of a craft cart that can't just be taped closed - it's very open sided and all the beads would just fall out of it. They're going into these giant Ziplock(tm) bags. I love Ziplock(tm) bags, by the way, great for dumping teensy fiddly bead stuff into. Also these plastic cover thingies that look like hotel shower caps that I'm fitting over the paper plates I use for beading lap trays. Cover the plates with them, stack 'em up and pack 'em up. I believe two more large boxes and a couple more mediums and I'm done in here.

I think a majority of the books have been packed - I don't even want to tell you how many boxes full. The DH is currently packing the china, crystal and glasses from the kitchen in the special dish and glass boxes he picked up from U-haul today. That leaves all my clothes and all the bathroom stuff. I don't actually belong on "Hoarders" but I do have several shelves full of toiletries, makeup (some of it way too old to ever be used again), soaps from hotels, sprays, potions, lotions and ghu knows what else that I simply have to be strong and throw away.

Then there are the clothes. Um, I really love to buy clothes and shoes...and purses. I've gone from one rather roomy walk-in closet to taking over another in my daughter's room and the one that was my husband's. He had very little actually hanging up in there and I just ended up migrating stuff into it. I know I should give a lot of it away to Goodwill but I really do wear most of it - at least when it's in season. Very little of what I buy is what one would call trendy and easily dated so it can be worn year after year. Since I have no idea what kind of job I may end up getting down in L.A., I don't dare toss out anything, yet.

Well, that's the long answer to the title question...and it still isn't fun.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farewell, Jello

2005 - 2011

Jello was a "grandkittie" who my son adopted and then left with my husband and I when he joined the Army. She and her brother (Pudding) had been guests here when they were very small kittens but they were a good size when they came to live with us permanently, so we missed a lot of the tiny kitten playfulness.

Jello was always rather stand-offish with my husband. She never liked being held but deigned to let him scratch her occasionally. She was a bit friendlier with me, often sleeping near by at night. As shown above, one of her favorite spots was up on a small shelf above the mantle where the stairs turned for the last flight down. It was a great vantage point from which to disapprove of all the folderol going on downstairs.

Sunday night when we got home from Reno, Glenn noticed she was very lethargic and lying in the kitchen, which was very unusual for her. He took her to the vet on Monday and the xrays showed that she either had a very enlarged heart or a large tumor. I took her to the cardiac specialist vet on Tuesday and the diagnosis was grim - final stage congestive heart failure. The right tricuspid valve had failed, the right atrium and ventricle were hugely enlarged. She had tachycardia as well. She might have lasted a few more months on medications or might have gone in her sleep at any time. Regardless, she was short of breath and just wanted to sleep all the time, so we decided it was best to let her go.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Home from Renovation (World SF Convention)

Back from WorldCon. Had a wonderful time, have posted on LiveJournal and G+ with pictures on my beading blog. Today I need to rest up and catch up. I made my househunting appointment with the relocation specialist down in LA for next week. Hubby is at the vets with Jello who doesn't seem herself today and he's worried.

My son is still in town, will be taking my car to Carmel for the next couple of days so I hope I don't need to be anywhere. I do need to go to the bank and deposit my earnings, but I guess that can wait until he returns.

I'll leave you with a link I got while scanning my Google Reader and saw posted by Regretsy: Engagement pictures with a zombie twist!