Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Bet That's One Fit Crustacean

There are important things being done in research labs all over the world. I'm not completely convinced this experiment is one of those things. (short ad with flaming toaster plays before the actual video).

If you can breathe you can charge your cell phone. According to the article in WIRED, it'll take a full day of walking around to do it.

Remember the post about the comic with the talking koala? You can get a koala pin from the A Girl and Her Fed site. I bet it will look really cool on my badge lanyard at NasFic. Right above my Sputnik pins from last year's WorldCon in LA.

By the way, Crabby over at Cranky Fitness, that exercising shrimp was posted especially for you.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Yipee, comments are back on. I saw the poor shrimp running on the treadmill and was eager to commiserate with the beleaguered crusatcean--but alas, locked out!

Glady you're back Dawno, finding us the weirdest stuff on the net.

Dawno said...

I can't think of anyone better qualified in weird, either, to do it.