Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yesterday was a Great Day!

Yesterday was a great day - my son has returned safe from Afghanistan!

The 525 BfSG marching in

Waiting for speeches and songs to end

Finally! Mom gets to hug her soldier!

After he'd gotten a chance to rest and shower he, my DIL and I went to dinner and saw Captain America.

An aside: I recently switched to Chrome so I could use a Google + extension that's only available on Chrome. When I tried to post this yesterday the photo uploader in Blogger refused to work. I was tired so I gave up and went to bed. Today I'm using Firefox and it works just fine. Anyone know why Blogger has this problem with Chrome? I find it odd that two Google owned things don't work together.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Dawno Has "Retired"

Today was my last day at Cisco. The company offered an "enhanced early retirement" package and I accepted.

What's next? Not sure - I know I'm going to take some time off to relax, visit with family, go to World Con in Reno...after that I'm not sure. I will have time for blogging, beading and catching up on my reading, though!