Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wherein Dawno is Going to Catch Up On Her Reading and Review Books

But before I talk about the reading, here are a couple links I thought I'd share (several are from Stumble! or otherwise noted).

This poster

This site tells you everthing their server knows about you when you visit it.

This one is just freaky
. Once it loads, move your cursor around.

Condiment Museum. I'm not remembering where I found this, but I was suitably impressed.

Via BoingBoing: Keyboard Waffle Iron. Reviewed by the hubby: "I love it".

Speaking of reviews, I started a blog ages ago called "Drive By Booking". For some time there was nothing in it. Then I used it as my National Novel Writing Month journal in November of '06. Now I'm going to put up reviews of books.

Some will be by folk I've met on Absolute Write (like the first one I'm doing as soon as I finish the book). Others will be about various books that catch my fancy. I think it will feature stuff by new authors - either debut books or at the least the 2nd or 3rd ones. Occasionally I might finish a book I thought was so good that I'll mention it, but it won't be the main purpose of the blog. I'll be attempting at minimum of one post a week. Click on the little moving book icon in my sidebar to visit the site.

And I won't do this with any of the books I read. Promise. (via Stumble!)

I've spent a great deal of the afternoon wandering around the Internet via Stumble, via Google Reader, working on the little animated book gif for Drive By Booking (yeah, it's not Pixar, but who cares?) and talking to my daughter as she waits at the airfield for Sailor Beau to arrive. The crowd is yelling and hooting, so she hung up - the plane has arrived. There's someone in the crowd holding up a sign that says "Welcome Home Sex". Someone came by a while ago and gave her a flag to wave. The first place Sailor Beau wants to visit upon arrival is In 'n Out Burger. I'm so happy for my daughter that he's finally home.

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