Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet Some of My New Friends

Found a "new" (to me) blog I'd like to mention to ya'll and encourage you to read - especially any Science Fiction writers/fans out there. It's Biology in Science Fiction and it's a really good read.

I've also decided to add Pandagon and Sadly, No! to my reader. I may not always, or even most of the time, agree with what they say, but they sure are interesting and have a very fun commenter crowd/culture. Sadly, No! seems to have a running feud going with the blogger at Ace of Spades - I'm wavering over whether to subscribe there or not.

The season finale of Heroes was on Monday night. I really enjoyed the show - even though I caught on to it late in the season and had to catch up by buying and watching the first episodes on iTunes, it was worth it. I thought it was a fitting finale to a compelling story arc. Now what am I going to do on Monday night?

Hubby grilled burgers today. mmmmmmm. I love having bbq'd burgers.

There have been some really good and thought provoking comments to my posts (thanks folks!) about learning to read. Christine summed it up best, not to say that any of the other comments weren't equally valuable, it's just she said in a couple brief paragraphs what it took me two long posts to try and say, and said it better - what would you expect of a pro writer? I'll be doing a post about her new book, with some interview questions over on Drive By Booking as part of her virtual book tour in mid-June. I'm very excited about that.

Two other things I found wandering around the net recently. One is the huge fanfic community discussion about a new site called FanLib.com. I'm not linking there, btw, because I'd rather not contribute to any site traffic. Read about it over on Making Light (and click through to some of those links on the fanfic community's reaction) before you visit FanLib (if you must visit).

I am in agreement with the fanfic folk, this doesn't look like a good idea at all for them. It looks fraught with hazards and a pretty ugly attempt to wring major profits for everyone involved *except* the writers of fanfic - who aren't in it for the money, but why should the use of their work line some venture capitalist's pocket?

The other thing is this clip from YouTube (below) a friend of mine, C. Montgomery Stuart pointed out to me. Over 140k views! I did a bit of digging into the group that did the clip. There's nothing on their site about who they are, why they do this, etc., but there's an index of their work. I think it can speak for itself. (note - it's not the greatest in terms of production values, but what do you expect from a hidden camera filming?)


Ash said...

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Dawno said...

Hi Ash. This looks a bit spammy, and as a forum moderator I quash spam heartlessly on a pretty regular basis. That said, I'm not going to delete your post, for now. If you come back and join the conversation I might even consider your offer...

Peggy said...

Thanks for plugging my Biology in SF blog! If you (or your readers) have suggestions for topics or biology-related questions just leave me a comment or send me an email.

(And you are very tolerant of Ash - I've already deleted two identical "comments" from him on my blog.)

Dawno said...

Hi Peggy, I'll be taking you up on your offer one of these days, I'm sure!

As for Ash - I'm pretty sure he's gonna get deleted here soon, too. I'm only tolerant to a point. :-)