Friday, August 03, 2012

Dawno, Bookseller

I have this dream - owning a bookstore and owning a bead store. Dawno's Beads & Books kind of thing.

Until I win the big Lotto, I have to settle for having a couple of online shops for my jewelry and, as of today, to sell my books. Yep, I'm selling as many of my non-Science Fiction books (mostly first edition hardbacks) on Amazon.

Other than SF, I love procedurals of various sorts, mysteries, thrillers and military fiction, so I have tons of those plus a few outliers - NY Times bestsellers, award winners and that ilk.

If you want to grab a hardback in great condition (read once, carefully & put away) for just $3.00 + 3.99 Amazon mandatory minimum shipping (and it'll be less than the mandatory minimum if you contact me directly - see contact info to the left side of this post) please visit Dawno's Books.