Friday, February 20, 2009

Lead, Follow or ... Oh, Nevermind, Just Tweet Something

If you see yourself in any of these 10 signs, you may need help. Is there at Twitter 12-step program? I may need it. I've been finding and following a lot of crafters, and then following some folk they's addictive. I'm trying to keep my balance of # of follows to # of followers within about 40 or 50, knowing that a number of people I follow won't follow back, so I probably won't ever have equal numbers.

Why? Because for some reason it bothers me to see folks following thousands and only having a few they follow back. Well, it bothers me when it's not Scalzi or Wheaton or Gaiman...

I have been surprised by a couple of follows - dipnote (Department of State), NPR tweeters, Stephen Fry (squee!!! *ahem* sorry)

Interrupting this post for breaking news: Just heard on BBC news on my radio: A British soldier has crashed 2 tanks in Germany this evening. Crashed one, went back for another and crashed it, too. For some reason, I find myself applauding his moxie... yes, he was drunk, and it was *bad bad* someone could have been hurt, yes... but really, two tanks? It is funny.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Thing #3

I have now soaked 2 cell phones. One got washed, and the other fell in the toilet (today). Thank goodness my husband's pre-iPhone was a Razr (which my phone was) and I could just re-charge and swap in the sim card (which got through the 2nd soaking just fine).

Of course all the 'stored in phone' stuff is gone, again. I may not replace for a while, since the hubby's old Razr is just fine, and when I do, it's probably for an iPhone.

Lesson learned? Do not keep cell phone in back pocket if pocket is not deep and if it is made of slippery material.

I decided to find and follow more handcrafty people on Twitter today. Several are following back, which is very kind of them.

Speaking of Twitterers who follow me, I heard about a Twitterer called 'Dipnote*' which is actually Tweets from the office of the Sec't of State and added them to my follow list - interesting little updates and links to articles and press releases about what Sec't. Clinton is doing. Imagine my surprise when I got a notice in my email that Dipnote is following me! I wonder if anyone in the State Department is interested in a nice jewelry lanyard...

*'Dipnote' refers to a Diplomatic Note, a formal communication between an ambassador and a minister of foreign government (from a dipnote tweet reply earlier today).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yeah, I Know You've Probably Already Seen This...

...but I really enjoyed it, and wanted it here where I can watch it again without clicking around to find it.

Today's Random Thing (#2 see this post for #1): In 1985 I began deliberately thinking of Friday the 13th (prior to that, it really didn't merit thought as I'm not generally superstitious) as a lucky day.

See, my son was born on Friday, September 13th that year. So I celebrate each Friday the 13th with a bit of reminiscing about that tiny baby boy and all of the joy he's brought into my life these past 24 years. On the 14th I go back to grumbling about the annoying parts of parenting a son.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, How Do You Really Feel About the 25 Random Things Meme?

1 Random Thing

Here's a random thing about me - I, just a moment ago, almost put the home wireless phone in the freezer instead of back in the charger.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

My SF Conventions '09, Classic Lit + Zombies

I got the news early Feb 4th that there is an open table available for me at Potlatch SF Convention, Sunnyvale CA, Feb 27 thru Mar. 1st. I was already planning to go, bought my membership last summer. I'd reached out to the auction organizer to volunteer some of my work and help her, I hope I can still find a way to do at least some of that.

Now I'm going to have to figure out what pieces to bring, get them organized and tagged (what kind of tags??), think about display - what sort of room will I have at/around my table? Should I bring my mannequin? I will bring a mirror - it's nice to try stuff on and see how it looks. I've got the foundational stuff for building my displays, but until I know what size table and what the area behind it is like, I can't finish it.

Also thinking about making book mark type thingies since it's a convention about SF books. Maybe some St. Patrick's Day theme stuff? *GAH!!*

*mild panic* I really didn't think I'd get in!

In other news, I'm planning on being at Bay Con in Santa Clara Memorial Day weekend and hoping to get into the dealer's room there, if not I'll try to get into Artists' Alley again. I'm also going to sign up for World Fantasy which is Halloween Weekend in San Jose. That's three really good conventions this year and all LOCAL!! No airfare, rental car or hotel expenses! W00t!

Just heard about this on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!"- it was one of the 'bluff the listener' quiz choices, which the listener, from my husband's home town, actually got it right, guessing between Peeps versions of the classics, beginning with The Odyssey, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, or Death of a Saleman re-done with an extra scene added " an attempt to make Arthur Miller's classic Death of a Salesman accesable to audiences raised on television police procedurals..." If you want this and click the link below to purchase, I get a few pennies, which would be much appreciated!