Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gay Flamingo Foster Parents, Shaggy Beards and an Occasional Hamster

In my wandering around Science Blogs the other day, starting as usual on Pharyngula, I saw this article about a pair of gay flamingos adopting an abandoned flamingo chick. Apparently the couple wanted to be parents badly enough that "they had resorted to stealing eggs from other pairs as they sought to fulfil their desperate desire to start a family of their own." It's a fascinating article by GrrlScientist, "a molecular evolutionary biologist who studies and lives with parrots and other birds."

Is it a generation thing that I don't find scraggly beards or overlong beard stubble sexy? I was reading the post at Shakesville (formerly? Shakepeare's Sister) about the season finale of Lost and the poster plus a number of commenters thought Jack's untamed facial hair sexy. I like beards but I do prefer them trimmed and neat. Not real crazy about the long stubble look at all.

Found a new web comic (thanks to Joel who left a link in a comment on Making Light) to seriously adore. Sequential Art. It's got an artist guy and a cat girl and a squirrel-girl and a penguin and a platypus and the occasional hamster and evil little things that I'm not sure what they are!

The illustration is good and the story is funny with a number of real laugh out loud moments as I caught up through the archives from the beginning tonight. I wish I could put it on my reader, but there's no feed that my Google Reader could find. *sigh* I'll just have to go there the old fashioned way with a bookmark. Funny how you get attached to new gizmos like the reader and everything else seems like so much extra effort now.

I got an email from the International Weblogger's Day folk today, reminding me of the event and this year's topic. Click the button to learn more. InWeDay is June 14th.

International Weblogger's Day 2007


Crabby McSlacker said...

You're seriously trying to make sure I have no life left with all your great links.

But you cover such a wide range of subjects that I'm getting them all mixed up! Is it the gay flamingos with shaggy beards who can't get seated at the Blue Bayou? Or they the ones who can't get send email 'cause jetlagged hamsters are too busy signing books at the Star Trek con to offer tech support?

Maybe I should try to go a little slower, one link at a time. Maybe back to the Bronte Sisters. Where it was all done in pen and ink.

Dawno said...

I could try sticking to one subject per post and doing more short posts, I guess. I just go where the brain leads me, and it's a bit like a hyperactive, hyper-inquisitive toddler I'm afraid.

Serge said...

I don't find scraggly beards or overlong beard stubble sexy

I hope that my chin-strap of a pilous ornament isn't too repulsive. Heheheh...

Dawno said...

Serge, my recollection of your beard was that it was neat and attractive. No worries there. The most important opinion, however, is your wife's! If she likes it, it's perfect.

Crabby McSlacker said...

No, please don't change! I actually love all the places you send us. My comment was really about my own tendency to blitz around the net in a half-assed way, not entirely comprehending what I'm reading. Keep doing what you do so well!

Dawno said...

*grin* ok, then! My next post will be a dizzy adventure as usual.