Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Stuffs

Hmm, new Blogger posting interface - too soon to tell if I hate it or just am uncomfortable with its newness.

If the living room, downstairs bathroom (which I have used for every part of my 'getting ready to go out' routine except showering, so it's not just two guest towels and some dusty dish of soap), the kitchen, the dining room and 90% of my office/bead workshop are packed doesn't that mean I'm almost done? Doubts have been raised - probably because I have huge amounts of clothes and shoes left to pack in two upstairs bedrooms.

 look at this happy fellah taping a box...hey, look who's carrying the heavy one in the background

I probably need to join Clothes Hoarder's Anonymous. I haven't quite hit bottom yet,  I guess. Yes, I do have things I haven't worn for over 2 years. No, I am NOT going to give up my 3 sizes too small classically tailored suits just because I can't fit into them yet!

 If this were my closet and not clip art it would represent barely a 10th of 1% of my stuff....

Know how you follow a link somewhere and end up not only spending hours on that site but following other links out to other new and fascinating places on teh intarwebs? Yeah, you know. Boing Boing linked to a place called Popehat which was posting about a scam they were hunting down. Then I read other posts and got to one about the TSA agent whose "pat down" was tantamount to rape.   This is a site I now have on my reader, you might find it interesting, too.

 hey, it was the best free clip art I could find, ok?

If you are familiar with me from the Absolute Write forums (which, I swear I'll be back at soon as this damn moving epic is over) you may also be aware of the "blame Dawno" phenomenon. I won't say much except that there has been a hashtag on Twitter and now there's a Facebook page. If you're on Facebook, do come join the Blame Dawno community.

Again, free clip art - we do what we can....

Oh, last thing - if you are the slightest bit OCD, ADD or just getting older and sentimental - moving is going to set off  Every. Single. One. of your quirks. I have found myself tearing up over finding old school photos of the kids (she was so cute in that dress, why is he glaring at me in that picture?). I have sat for half an hour reading through old papers. I have left one room to get something and spent two hours packing up another room before I remembered I'd just come down to get some tape. I have meticulously arranged by color or alphabetically organized things that could easily have just been tossed into a damn box, ok?!? *ahem* sorry about that....

My sister gave me wonderful advice: "dare to dispose". I just wish I could follow it better!

Next post will probably be from my new home in Pasadena, sitting amidst numerous half unpacked boxes wondering why I didn't follow my sister's advice more closely.