Friday, May 04, 2007

Googling "Borg hamster" Returns 30 Hits

I've been on a posting roll and I hate to break the streak so I'm sitting here, fingers on the keys, wondering what the heck to say. It would be nice if I had some strong opinions on something or a cause to promote or an interesting area of expertise.

My strongest opinion right now is that I'm really pissed off that Round Table Pizza refuses to be consistent about what "well done" means. I want my pizza crust to be crispy, I even say: "...well done, I want it crispy, please" when I order. It rarely arrives that way. Why is this a difficult concept?

I also don't think promoting a "crispier crust" campaign as a cause will be the kind of thing I can wring more than one post out of, and you're reading it.

As for expertise - how many of ya'll are interested in contingent labor vendor management programs?


I thought so.

The great news of the day is that the gay zombie penguins are back!

I also discovered a new comic I am really enjoying (and is going to force me into reading up on Norse mythology) It's called Brat-halla. Enjoy the antics of the Norse pantheon as pre-teens.

The hubby shared this video clip with me a little while ago: a SouthPark take on the Mac/PC ads.

In case you wondered about Patrick Nielsen Hayden's dental appointment from my PSA post, he did make his appointnment. Such is the amazing power of the blogosphere!

I started this post at 9:11 PM - two hours to write this? Well, I did wander around the internet a bit looking for bits of inspiration. I even Googled "borg hamster" for a lark.


Cookie said...

People always lie about how crispy stuff is. Weasels!

"... contingent labor vendor management programs... "

I don't even know what that means. *L*


Dawno said...

Yep. Lying soggy weasels. And maybe .0000001% of the US population knows what a contingent labor vendor management program is. I spent a nice couple of days in Florida with a group of 'em - nice folk.

*hugs* back atcha!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I sympathize with your crispy pizza quest.

The two things I order that I almost never actually get:

Caesar salad, Extra Light on the dressing (it's always drowning in dressing, no matter how big a production I make about going easy on it), and

Steak, medium rare. It's well-done 80% of the time and rare the other 20%. Maybe once it was right but I'm sure that was accidental.

Dawno said...

Hiya Crabby! I have the same problem as you do with steak. It should be a standard - I've even read little descriptions of what "medium well" should look like - but I've had medium well steaks that were nearly raw in the middle.

Another pet peeve is soggy french fries. The dang things should crunch on the outside and be tender on the inside, right?