Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dawno's Top Ten "20 Worst Agents List" List

The concept struck me right after my morning tea. (about two minutes after waking and three minutes ago)

"Hey, Dawno, wanna write a top ten list of blogs/sites about Barbara Bauer and the 20 Worst Agents list?"
"Sure, Dawno, how do we pick who gets on it?"
"Hmm, should we conduct a scientific poll?"
"Only if Orlando Bloom is one of the answers."
"Maybe we should do it based on rankings."
"Too much work. Let's just cruise Kira's List, Google's Blog Search and the Technorati Tag for Barbara Bauer pages and choose ten good blogs on the topic."

....two hours later...

If I missed a blog you feel is worthy you can tell me in comments or put your own list on your blog - do let me know so I can check it out.

Oh, the Making Light posts and the SFWA list are not in the list - just blogs/sites that took the info from there and ran with it.

Judging criteria: uh, Dawno liked it? If it had more content than just the list or was funny or I just wanna ingratiate myself to that particular blogger...well, the decision of the judges is final. No animals were harmed during this listing. Unless you count my cat not getting his breakfast right away.

Note: The Barbarabauer tag at Technorati is being used by some blogger, with nothing to say thus blogs not worth reading, just to drive traffic to their site. This blogger also seems to like spamming LJ communities with reviews he/she has not written. There is post after post that have nothing to do with Barbara Bauer. I'm very annoyed.

ETA: The blogger and I exchanged comments and I am accepting them as sincere. She was really trying to help. I apologize publicly for being a grumpy cynic. I also apologize for not being nice about the blogging. I may not get why those topics are being shared, but it's unkind of me to assume it was a ploy and say cruel things like I did. *hangs head*

First off, kudos to:

Roger Carlson for giving the AW folk a refuge camp

Smart Bitches Trashy Books

BlogPulse News Wire and Euan for getting the mention there

Neil Gaiman (like he needs my kudos - *gooshy fangirl-type sigh*)

Digital Medievalist for most creative use of the blink tag

the Live Journal Fictionwriters community and the Live Journal Cranky Editors community

Agent Kristin of Pub Rants

Whoever posted the Wikipedia entry

A. C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss

Matt Dinniman who created a very cool button that you can find on MacAllister's site

D. T. Kelly who created a very cool button, too

MacAllister (looks like a squashed gopher to me...)

...dramatic music...que the MC...

Dawno's Top Ten "20 Worst Agents List" List!

10. Mad Scientist Matt Did a "literary agent" on the 20 Worst Agents List take down Absolute Write? Special Mention for being one of the first bloggers to pick this up. Way to go, Matt!

9. Frank Baron Barbara Bauer Ph.D. Pretend (and profane) Agent

8. Jim C. Hines Google Thought

7. last1 for an early and pithy post Barbara Bauer Blacklisted

6. Richard Corbett With Unlimited Ink

5. Kira Connally Barbara Bauer/Absolute Write Scandal Links

4. Miss Snark Hey, Barbara Bauer, Put Up or Shut Up!

3. Matt Dinniman "The Comic Adventures of Barbara Bauer, Literary Agent Superhero!"

2. a tie between p_n_elrod's Bye Bye Barbara the Play and p_n_elrod's Barbara Bauer, 20 worst agents (because it has acutal cease and desist notices from Babs herself)
this is the tension building, nail biting, dramatic pause
and #1 goes to the person who created

Thanks everyone!



Pass The Torch said...

Hey Dawno - You're IT!

Dawno said...

:) aww, shucks.

It was fun reading all the blogs - and man, there are PAGES of them on Google Blog Search. Very cool.

TJWriter said...


This whole debacle has brought the entire AW community together. We will survive and be better than ever.

I did my part.

Pass The Torch said...

Dawno, you need to read my blog entry today. . Remember? You're IT!!

kira said...

Hi Dawno - great top ten!

Thanks for plugging the list. I wish I could catch them all, but I'm sure some worthy blogs have escaped my notice.

Did you notice on a regular google search the #2 spot is now the SFWA's 20 Worst? Wahoo! That's largely because of you, Dawno!

Dawno said...

lol Kelly! I thought you were saying something like "you da bomb" and I just wasn't cool enough to have heard it before.

Read your blog and will do my bit.

Pass The Torch said...

You da bomb too;)

Jules said...

The Wikipedia entry was started by me, BTW. But most of the credit should go to everyone who's expanded it since then: "Fledgist", "Calton" , "Mavarin" and "Cheyinka" according to Wikipedia's history page. I only put up a couple of sentences and the two most obvious links.

Sean D. Schaffer said...

Right on, Dawno! Excellent list.


Laurie said...

Excellent list, Dawno!

I have but one comment...

There's one mistake that a lot of us have been making. We've been posting links to the top twenty list for Barbara Bauer only. We need to expand that to cover all the scummy scammers. Read more on my blog at for my rationale behind this.

Jill said...

Boy this hard catching up! But I appreciate all the posts about this problem. The Plain Dealer's slogan is, Miss a Day, Miss a Lot. What should AW's slogan be - since we're all missing all of it?