Friday, May 26, 2006

Show Your Support - Add the AW Button to Your Site/Blog

MacAllister Stone has posted a button on her site (I've got it on every post just before comments as well as in the sidebar), designed by Matt Dinniman, that will take you directly to the Amazon site for Jenna Glatzer's book about writing scams and scammers, The Street Smart Writer.

By using the button, you'll link to the Amazon posting that contributes a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to Absolute Write. If you already have the book - buy a copy for your local library.

Please pick up the code at Mac's blog and post it on yours!

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Art_Addiction said...

Thank you, again, for keeping us all so informed! I ventured over to the post and am adding the buttons now.

Have a wonderful day!

Cindy Freriks said...

The button is now on mine as well :) Thank you for your wonderful work Dawno!

-Kelly M. said...

Thanks for the button, Dawno. I've got it up on my blog, as well.

Dawno said...

You are all so very welcome. Don't forget to credit Matt D. for the button and link to his blog!

AstonWest said...

I think I link to Matt's blog enough as it is... ;-)