Thursday, May 25, 2006

One Billion Dollars???

Oh this is just precious.

Our "friend" Barbara Bauer didn't like the fact that someone asked a question about her on the WritersWeekly forums. She demanded ONE BILLION DOLLARS. (anyone else hearing Dr. Evil when they read that?)

See, if you're a literary agent who can't sell then how will you spend your time? Apparently on Google looking for your name and then trying to extort money with bogus legal claims like, the unauthorized use of your name on a message board. Right.

Angela Hoy's response on the forum is a pure joy to read.

For those of you AW folk having serious forum withdrawal that the chat room isn't helping, Roger Carlson has a board he has set up and offered to us that you could use - and perhaps he'd add a password protected forum for SYW - here's the link:

No news here on when the Cooler will be back, sorry. Meanwhile - please write about Barbara, use the tag, link to other bloggers! (My BBBlogroll will be up soon!)

This Just In: BarbaraBauer Tag on Technorati HOT TAGs List!!


Lisa Spangenberg said...

Dawno, I actually used the blink tag in my post here, in your honor.

Ten years of HTML, and I finally succumbed to Blink.

Bhaswati said...

Hi Dawno,

I missed all the buzz about the scammer's petty, ugly ploy until just now, when I started visiting AW bloggers' blogs. This is outrageous. Although late, I will join you all and write about it on my blog.

Can you please guide me on how to create/go about the Technorati tag you mention? Thanks.

~ Sury

Kirsten said...

Hi, Dawn, thanks for commenting on my blog :-)

I googled BB's name and found that 1 Billion dollars demand, too -- what a scream!

The Dr. Evil reference is right on, lol.

Dawno said...

Lisa, I saw that! I laughed so loud my cat ran out of the room - and he was at the screen door watching birds so you can imagine what it took to chase him away from that!

Sury - go to and click on the TAGS tab
in the Search Feature when you're in TAGS type BarbaraBauer (no spaces) and hit enter

In the upper right corner is a little note that you can click which reveals some html you can copy and paste into your blog - that's the tag! You can go back to Technorati and "manually ping" them too - click on "more tag help" scroll to near the bottom of the page and there's a "manually ping us here" link.

Hope that helps!

JerseyGirl said...


Thanks for the link to Roger's forum! I had no idea what the heck was going on when I tried to log on to AW yesterday; I thought maybe there was a serious meltdown (not some scammer taking down the site).

Shame on Ms. Bauer, and shame on the webhost, too.


Art_Addiction said...

I couldn't agree more about Angela's forum post! I posted a link to it in my livejournal earlier today -- I ran over there after reading some blogs wondering if she had any comments/threads about this whole matter going. It didn't surprise me in the least to find that one!

Thanks for the forum link -- I think I might wander over there and see what's what.

[jennhollowell @ AW]