Friday, May 26, 2006

Thank You Teresa Nielson Hayden and Patrick Nielson Hayden

It's time for us who have been blogging about what happened to Absolute Write and venting our spleen at Barabara Bauer to take a moment to do something else. Thank the owners of the Making Light for breaking the story and giving us a refuge while we wait for our beloved forum to return.

Please remember to link Barbara Bauer's name to not only the 20 Worst Agents list but also to one of the posts on Making Light that provide additional content about Bab's hijinks on the 'net.

This little blog has had quite the "fifteen minutes of fame" since Teresa posted a link here on her front page. I can't thank her enough for that, not for the traffic, but for giving me the opportunity to spread the news about Absolute Write and Barbara even further than my heretofore small audience allowed.

After all this settles down, I hope you all spend a goodly portion of your online reading time checking out Making Light. Some of the brightest, most wonderful, folk in the world comment there. It's always smart and fun and sometimes Teresa talks about knitting.


Julia said...

Hiya Dawn. I finally got a post up on my blog about the fiasco, as well. Just wanted to let you know!

Mad Scientist Matt said...

I'm flattered that you included me on that list. :)

kira said...

You guys have to see this.

A Lovely Satire

Kirsten said...

I was just out on technorati & Barbara Bauer is still high on most-searched tags . . . at #10 right now.

Dawno said...

Julia, so wonderful to see you here! Thanks for adding your voice to the "heavenly choir" of AW supporter angels.

Matt, but of course! You were the first one out of the gate after ML!!

Kira - that is just toooooo funny!

Kirsten, thanks for the update - I hope she stays high on the list for a while longer :-)

normaltrouble said...

I posted about it, a short but linkfilled post. I only posted after I read through some of the information, and understood (more or less) what happened. It's on nomraltrouble, my livejournal.

normaltrouble said...

Uh...that's normaltrouble.


Dawno said...

woot, ((hugs)) Kplagh!! Thanks for dropping by.

Normaltrouble and I hung out on a different board a while back and although I was Dawno she was Kplaghfinewhatever (it looks like I might be mispelling that...sorry KFW)

Anyway she has a wonderful LiveJournal that I don't comment in nearly often enough.