Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Very Linkie Post

Don't try to find Richard at the new blog that's really not Richard's....

Do go to Blogcritics and check out what Ray and Joanne are up to there. There's some fun news about Joanne's review of The Pacific Between on her site so do pop over there and read it and her review of Jenna's book The Street Smart Writer, too.

I've occasionally wondered what it would be like to be 'discovered' by the greater blogiverse (yeah, I know it's called the blogosphere but I like my word better and it's my blog. nyah.) and get a lot of traffic here. The other day a fellow blogger had that happen and it wasn't pretty. I was amazed. Go read this post on Tish's blog Snarkaholic, you'll be amazed too. What the heck is wrong with people?

OK, I think I've given the SO enough of a head start to be well enough asleep that I can go to bed now without waking him. Have a great Friday - Happy Bridget Fonda's birthday and Mozart's, too.

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Othmar Vohringer said...

What about that Snarkaholic, eh. Just shows how the level of intelligence some commenters have. I often woder about that when I see comments put together existing only of four letter words.

Have a nice weekend dawno.

Othmar aka huntwriter

Mad Scientist Matt said...

Well, I guess that shows that if you're going to have your blog discovered, it's best if it isn't for criticizing someone who runs a blog with a lot of fans.

On the other hand, Snarkaholic's discovery does remind me of the time one forum that I moderate that gets very little traffic had someone ask if a particular part sold to improve gas mileage worked. A few other regulars and I said it looked like it might be better suited to slicing apples than going under the hood of a car. The thread somehow turned into a moron magnet, as it's probably drawn more weird liars and other strange characters than any other discussion in the forum's history.

I normally don't criticize too many things on my blog, but chances are if my blog does get discovered for saying something negative, it'll get bombarded by fans of some parts manufacturer that builds second-rate (or outright bogus) car mods. I've thrown a few stones at APC, the company that used to have their stickers on half the Hondas on the road...