Saturday, January 21, 2006

Science Fiction Knitting and Crochet

If you are a Dr. Who fan who knits you need to go to this site. When I saw that site it got me wandering around looking at other knitting sites - I've mentioned before the wonderful blog "You Knit What??" A recent post highlights a piece of headwear that they feel would "go over well at a Star Trek Convention" Speaking as someone who's been to a few, uh, nope. Perhaps if you did it in a metallic mohair-like yarn and wore it as an alien hairpiece...maybe. But not as shown in that picture. Not even the Borg would assimilate you in that.

However, this pattern might actually get you some kudos at the next con.

If you Google "knitting" you will get 12,800,000 hits. Crochet only returns 5,400,000. I'm disappointed in crocheters. And tatting, sheesh, only 630,000. Actually I'm amazed that there were any links on tatting.

When I was in college there was a program where students could teach a course for credit and anyone who signed up for the course could get credit for taking it, too. I taught a Crafts course one quarter. I had 12 students. I did classes on knitting, crocheting, tatting, card weaving (a fun way to make interesting patterns but only suitable for very narrow things like belts or headbands), loom weaving and needlepoint. I loved it and I think the students had fun. One lesson was about laces and we talked about the different kinds of lacemaking and I did a little tatted piece to illustrate one kind of handmade lace. I thought it was a lost art then but with 630k links I guess it's still got a little following out there.

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Unique said...

Ummm...Dawno. Would you think I'm weird (okay- you already think that but...)
I *liked* that hat. I'd prefer it in emerald green and royal blue...but I'd wear it if I had it.
I also like lace, but I'd never try it at home. My eyes are 20/200 & 20/400 uncorrected. I'm close enough to blind as it is.

emeraldcite said...

You never cease to amaze me, dawno :)

Cookie said...

I love knitting blogs. They are the only stranger blogs I read. I always wondered about tatting, but never tried. And I would love to make a Dr. Who scarf, but I'm too short to pull it off and boy is too stylish to ever wear it. *L*

AstonWest said...

My wife crochets dresses for dolls...go figure.

Christine said...

I'm a crochet chick myself. Knitting requires too much work :) But I can crochet a blanket, a scarf a hat and this year I even made mittens. I enjoy it. I even started myself a hat/scarf/mitten set.... and the average temperature here has been 50 degrees all winter. Oh well, at least I don't have to rush now.

Easy Christmas gifts too.

Anne Watkins said...

I love to crochet, especially baby things. All I have to do is hear that someone is pregnant and I HAVE to crochet something. Is that Pavolian (sp) or what? ;)