Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Back to Real Life Tomorrow

Yep. Vacation is over. 2006 looms ahead.

On the bright side I have a new Despair.com calendar to celebrate with. You know "Successories"? Those inspirational poster folks "There is no I in Team" and all that? Despair.com is more realistic.

Every year for the past 4 or 5 years I've gotten a calendar for my office, for the SO and for my best work friend. I've seen people do double takes more than once. It looks like a typical inspirational calendar - until you read it closely.

This year's calendar is The Wishes collection. Suits me to a 't'.

Although, in all probability, if you read my blog you're probably a member of AW Water Cooler and have seen this, I would still like to refer you to a recent post on Making Light.

Ralph Nader's group has seen to it that the one drug that provides the best relief to Teresa Nielson Hayden in her battle against narcolepsy has been removed from the market. Please read the thread and the comments (yes, there are over 200 now, but there are some good suggestions there for letters to your Congresscritters and Senators, most comments are brief) and if you are so moved, write somebody who might be able to help.


Paprikapink said...

I love the Demotivators. Especially "The early worm is for the birds." I thought I'd made that up.

AstonWest said...

I SO want some of those Demotivator posters...