Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Archives Meme

Tagged by Kira, who was tagged by Mac who was tagged by Tish and that's as far as I'm going with the 'begats' on this meme...

The meme goes like this:
1. go to your archive - check

2. find the 23rd post - August 18, 2004 (in my first blog at

3. find the 5th sentence - here ya go: "A couple of glasses of OJ and head upstairs." Wow. And this from a post about going to the Star Trek Convention in Vegas! LOL! There were some bits of that post that were actually funny...not that one!

4. post the text of the sentence in a blog entry along with these instruction - check

5. tag other people - hmmm. As the "mistress" of the AW Monday Meme I struggle with tagging folks since I post a meme for all and sundry every Monday. hmmm.

PeeDee and Emeraldcite - wanna keep this one going? If you do, Miriam Abacha from Nigeria has millions for you!! But if you break the chain Craig Shergold won't break the Guinness World Book of Records record for receiving the most get well postcards. Surely you wouldn't want that to happen?



emeraldcite said...

There. I did your dirty meme. You made me dig deep into my archives and pull out a memory where I didn't get my dream job.

I thought I left all that behind me back at livejournal!


... :)

Tish G. said...

Hey Dawn! you got meme'd! I kind of liked this gave me a chance to look back and things and see where I'm at now--300 some odd posts later. Glad you did it :-)