Monday, January 23, 2006

AW Monday Meme #6

Recipe Meme

Open your refrigerator. What is the first item on the left at the front of the 'fridge on the top shelf.

Open the food cupboard closest to the stove. What is the first food item on the right on the bottom shelf (you may go up a shelf if your bottom shelf holds pet food or non-food stuff)

Find online or create for us from your imagination, a recipe using those two things as primary ingredients.

For example: fridge: Snapple diet lemon iced tea
cupboard: rice

I tried Google - there was a listing for hot green tea over sticky rice as a food a Japanese mom would give a child with a stomach ailment. I don't think cold Snapple diet lemon tea on rice sounds too good - but, maybe one could use the tea to cook the rice - it might add an interesting color and flavor. Serve with Teryaki Chicken cut in strips and a fresh salad.

There's my recipe.

What's yours?!

If you Google (or use any search engine) for the recipe, please share the URL.



Mac said...

This is too funny. :) The fridge has a brick of excellent feta cheese, and the really good olive oil lives on the bottom shelf, right hand side. (As opposed to the cheaper olive oil for cooking.)

I can think of about ten good things to do with those two ingredients, without even working at it or googling--frex, take a platter, arrange slices of pita, or a good hard bread, sun dried tomatoes, calamata olives, a nice hard salami, crumbled feta cheese--either drizzle liberally with the olive oil, or provide a shallow dish of oil, in the center--makes a lovely appetizer or light snack platter

Unique said...

You bring the rice; I've got the meat; Mac can bring the cheese. Plan?

Mac said...

beer. we need beer. I can make a stop, on the way.

Where the hell IS Dawno, anyway? I miss her.

Dawno said...

I'm around. I'm kinda in a "place" right now and having trouble finding anything to say.

:-) thanks for asking!

Sean D. Schaffer said...

Tomato sauce in the cupboard, and a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans in the refrigerator.

Now, knowing that coffee beans can be eaten--I've had chocolate covered coffee beans before; they're very tasty--I'm thinking my recipe would be something to the effect of tomato soup flavored with coffee grounds. A bit on the strange side, I'm sure, but if you have the palate for it, I'm sure it would work out pretty decently.

Othmar Vohringer said...

For me that is too easy. The nice beef steak is in the fridge top shelf. I like meat so much that we do not bother to stick it in the bottom meat drawer. (I am addicted to meat).

The virgin olive oil is in the kitchen pantry shelf.

A steak tenderly massaged with nothing but olive oil and then grilled to a perfect rare it just about the best snack food you can imagine.

Unique said...

I want to eat dinner at othmar's house. He has steak...mmm....meat.

Grab the beer, Mac; grab the salad, Dawno; Sean, hold onto those beans! Grill party at othmar's!

Is it summer yet? sigh.

normaltrouble said...

Dynamo juice from TJ / Brown sugar.
You could combine them, add 2-3 spices, and marinate chicken with them, then put the chicken in the oven, adding some red onion and serve with a salad and a nice whole wheat sourdough...
I suppose the spices would be cumin, coriander and ...ginger.

Dawno said...

If I ever want to throw *the* gourmet pot luck dinner of the century, you guys will surely be invited. :-)

Thanks for sharing here in my comments - you do know, however, that you can't propagate a meme if you don't post it on your own blog...right?


Sean D. Schaffer said...

Hmmm, how to make an AW Monday Meme good for a writing blog?

Well, I'm pretty creative; I can think of something....Dawno might regret it, but....

I'll see what I can do.:)