Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AW Monday Meme #5 (better late than never!)

Yikes! Yesterday was Monday! I was off work for a 3-day weekend and I think it just seemed like Sunday...so I forgot to do the AWMonday Meme! What got my attention was that I wandered over to Halspacejock's site and he had a meme, so I 'nicked' it with a little editing.

Last Live Music Show Seen:

Last CD Purchased:

Last Thing Cooked:

Last New Thing Eaten:

Last Thing Bought:

Last Gift Received:

Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received as a Gift:

Last Embarrassing Experience:

Last Totally New Experience:

Last Foreign Country Visited, if any:

Last Big Achievement:

If you want to link back to this site or Hal's blog, that's always a nice thing to do.

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Angie said...

Nope, it wouldn't kill me to comment. Sorry, I've been largely absent from online life lately. Hope all is going well. Will try to get caught up with you later. :-)

-Da Ebil Scribe

Frank Baron said...

Dang. I'm a bad blogger. I just tend to write. I never think of linking everything.

Christine said...

Hey, howdy! Don't ask me how I found this blog - it was a weird trip, through Mark Pettus and all.

Glad to see ya!

Anne Watkins said...

Hello there! Just wanted to check out this comment thingie and see if I can do it. :) Will be checking in frequently!

jen.nifer said...

Yay! I've completed my second meme! I know it's late and that I've actually done last Monday's meme this Monday. If that makes sense :)