Friday, December 16, 2005

Wherein Dawno Attempts a Pome

Unique has tagged me. Here is my response.

The two of us are
following separate paths,
spinning contrariwise to the other,
a howling, discordant wind
uprooting things along the way
disregarding them as valueless.

Occasionally we’ll almost collide,
travel beside each other,
together - for just a little bit.
Perhaps then the sound of our passing
is less cacophonic to stander’s by,
it’s certainly more harmonious to us.

, wanna give this a shot? :-)


Thumper said...

Paint tagged me for this one. Its a purrrrty picture :)

(and I did it, yes I did!)

Unique said...

Dawno! It's loverly! I knew you could do it. Yippee!

jen.nifer said...

Good effort, Dawno! I enjoyed it.