Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Best Blogs 2005

Weblog Awards 2005 - no, I'm not a contestant. But Making Light is - if you haven't been reading it and you're a writer or like writers or like writing you should be reading it.

BitchPhD. is up for best liberal blog. Yes, I'm letting you know my preferences here - it's my blog after all. My blog that's not even a dark horse grass roots write in candidate.

There's a category, as well, for best conservative blog. I haven't read any of them but I'm going to check out Right Wing Nut House.

Not to leave my friends in the Great White North out of it, there's a best Canadian blog category, too.

I didn't see a best writing/author blog. Too bad. Neil Gaiman's blog (on his website it's listed as "Journal") is wonderful, he writes regularly and deserves the notice for his willingness to let people into his live and world.

On another note, I submitted a 450 word humorous piece to the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition.


Mark Pettus said...

What? No Best Liberal Blog? This smacks of a conspiracy.

Congrats on the Erma entry. Now you're a writer. Right?

Dawno said...

Uh, best liberal blog - I mentioned Bitch PhD right up there in the second paragraph.

If 'writer' means someone who worked pretty darn hard over 450 words and sent it off to a contest, then yes. I'm a writer. I think that's kind of a low bar considering the company I keep around here!

As soon as I shake myself out of this gloom over my daughter's move I plan to get serious, set goals and start bombarding poor editors from coast to coast with my precious prose. We'll see what happens :-)

Mark Pettus said...

Use the funk. Some of my best prose comes from deep inside the darkest depressions in my soul.

My oldest two live over a thousand miles away. Luckily, my mobile phone plan includes free long distance.