Thursday, December 15, 2005

May I Recommend for Your Blog Reading Pleasure...

In my Seven Things meme, below, I mention that I cannot knit. I love knitted stuff. I own lots of great knits – including some St. John stuff I shouldn’t have bought, but hey, it was from the outlet and on sale!! Anyway, I need to draw your attention to this site and to this post in particular. Maybe it’s ok that I don’t knit. Gotta get that site into my blogroll soon.

I got a phone call from my daughter and a visit from my son tonight. My SO made sure that both of them know what the new present that appeared under the tree today is. My son was very impressed. Now I’m really curious – but I’ll wait for Christmas.

I need to go shopping. Yep, this year I wasn’t good and got it all done early. Saturday morning I’m getting up at oh dark hundred, as they say in the military, and hitting the mall. I think it’s too late to get anything from online delivered in time.

I have no idea what the family Christmas plans are. Another result of my deepening depression over a number of aspects of my life spiraling out of my control is that I keep forgetting to do certain stuff – like call my family. I wish they either posted on AW or blogged. Absent that, they could at least email. *sigh* I must call Dad soon.

Don’t forget – if you know anyone who wants to hire a professional caliber organizer, I’m willing to work cheap to establish credentials. *smile*



annabella said...

I love You Knit What?. Although, I can knit-I've never done anything that bad.

I think there could be demand for professional organizers. I have a book
wait, I don't remember the name. Umm I'll pm you on AW when I find the book
-annabella, needs organization

Dawno said...

ooh a potential client. I'll give you a discount :-)

Unique said...

Dawno! Now I know *just* what to get you for Christmas...or was it Kwanza...Groundhog's Day?

Oh, well - never mind. Just make sure you have the black shoes. Gotta have the black shoes!

Dawno said...

Anything but but that knitted dress - seriously - anything. :-)