Monday, December 05, 2005

AWMondayMeme - Inaugural Post

Feeling rather holiday-ish tonight I thought the first AWMondayMeme should be: what are the 10 books or sets of books you most wish you could find under/beside/in your {insert appropriate holiday decor/object}?

Get creative - whether it's a signed first edition or a illuminated manuscript, anything goes - it's just a meme!

Here's mine:

1. An original UK published edition of Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett (and signed would be sweet!)

2. The entire 1920's set of Book Trails that I think my dad has in a box at his new place - if he didn't already give them away to one of my siblings.

3. Any one of the SF books I read from the Edwards A.F.B. library as a kid, complete with library card with my signature on it and the funny plastic covers they used. An Asimov or Heinlein would be nice, but any of them would be fine.

4. A leather bound deluxe set of Stephen King's Dark Tower books

5. Early edition of Alice in Wonderland with the original illustrations

6. All three of Stephenson's Baroque Cycle books in Hill House editions

7. Ray's The Pacific Between (it's not due out 'til after the holidays)

8. Oxford English Dictionary

9. Hattie, Get a Haircut (Amazon says it'll ship on Dec. 13th)

10. That copy of The Silmarillion my dear friend from High School gave me that is in some box in storage in Bakersfield, buried under all the other stuff piled up ten feet high, ten feet wide and ten feet deep.

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Ray Wong said...

Awww... I made it to your wish list! :) Well, have you been a good or a bad girl?

Dawno said...

Define "good" :-)

Kira Connally said...

Wow--I didn't think anyone else would want the OED. Neat!

The Dark Tower series was my favorite--and I put off reading them forever because I didn't think I'd like them. Silly me.