Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just Gotta Share...

OK, so I'm doing a bit of research for something I'm writing and I start Googling stuff about the London Underground (that's the subway, not a group of WWII freedom fighters) and I come across this blog all about, you guessed it, the London Underground.

All activity has ceased as I read it because I am a dyed in the wool totally drooling fangirl Anglophile. I LOVE that blog. I wanna go live in London.

OK, back to work.


Amy said...

Oooh, a fellow Anglophile! Thanks for the heads up on that blog. I haven't seen that one yet but have bookmarked it for later reading.

You should try Keith Lowe's book Tunnel Vision. The main character, unbeknownst to his fiancee, makes a bet with a rival that he can't hit every tube stop in the London Underground in 24 hours. The wager: his honeymoon tickets (to be used in about 24 hours).

Dawno said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm gonna add that to the list.