Saturday, December 17, 2005

Survivor - Shopping Mall

I am too tired to move. This morning I went to the mall. Got there at 9ish, great parking spot right near the door. Mall wasn’t too busy, either. That would change in about 90 minutes.

I needed to get a number of things that my daughter had mentioned on her Christmas list. I also had the SO to shop for. That wasn’t as much of a success, but I did find a couple things I’m happy with. I can’t say what because he knows about this blog and could come reading.

The bad news is that I need to go back out tomorrow. I was too tired to go on after 5 hours so I came home – but I wasn’t done. So I go trudging off again tomorrow, early.

The other thing I was going to see if I could find is this year’s Christmas Sweater. I wanted something really flashy. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. I eventually bought a sweater but it’s practically, cringe, subtle.

I will keep looking. Last year my best sweater was found at an after Christmas sale. One of the advantages of doing the family Christmas late is the opportunity to shop at the after Christmas sale for 1) the sweater and 2) cool gifts for the family at half price.

Looks like the family get together will be on New Year’s Eve this year. I’ve booked the flight down to San Diego, reserved a car and a hotel room (and yes, this time I double checked the date). I’m all set.


Ray Wong said...

Hate shopping.

(considered yourself pinged)

Thumper said...

You couldn't pay me to go near the mall this weekend...or even this next week. My son and his friends will be there, though, since none of them have even started shopping.

I may got o the outlet mall, pick a place to sit, and make fun of all the people who are rishing to finish :)

Good uck with the sweater...I couldn't even find a holidayish sweatshirt this year.

Dawno said...

I found a pretty nice one online but I'm not sure if I want to order it, so I'll wait 'til after Christmas and see what the sales racks have on 'em. It's kind of a shame we won't be stopping in Bakersfield this year (or probably any year from now on) because the after Christmas sale at Robinson's/May there is always fun. I get there really early, coupons in hand and make out like a bandit.*sigh*

AstonWest said...

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of days between now and Christmas...and I think I'll probably have to do some shopping. Not going to enjoy it, I'm sure...

Dawno said...

Last year I was really good. I got most of my shopping done early and much of it online. This year I haven't been very enthusiastic about doing anything much and I just put it off 'til I couldn't put it off any longer. I'm usually so much better organized. *sigh*

normaltrouble said... at the mall. I've avoided it for the most part. I may have 2 short forays into the morass or breech or whatever.
You know, that subtle sweater means--subtle year. What that means? I do not know.

Cookie said...

Coldwater Creek They also have stores here and there. Just a thought.

Good luck with the shopping, sweetie.

Dawno said...

Hiya Cookie! I did go to Coldwater Creek - not much of a selection. I'm sure that I needed to shop way way earlier to find what I wanted. :-(

Jill said...

Ok - I'm so happy I'm Jewish right now. LOL - this is TONGUE IN CHEEK. :) Because I have more days to procrastinate on my shopping! But I did get the big kahuna of a gift today for our kids so that was an accomplishment. Tomorrow, I tackle the hubby.