Saturday, December 10, 2005

Oh Tannenbaum!

Yep. The tree went up and the ornaments will be going on it as soon as we get the tablecloth out of the's kinda hairy (the cats liked to get under the occasional table it covers and they left quite a bit of fur on it). We've been using a pre-lit artificial tree for several years now (that picture is from last year) and it's about 4 foot high so we put it on top of a little table that for the rest of the year holds a lamp and a glass chess set.

I've put out the greenery on the mantle and shelves, and the wreath is on the door.

But the thing that really indicates that the holiday season is upon us is:

Dawno Gets Out Her Christmas Sweaters

I have 13 of them now. They are all what a friend of mine called "intense." For example - last year's sweaters:

I don't think I've been collecting them for 13 years because occasionally I get two, but I've been doing it for at least the last 8 or 9. It was a thrilling year for me when I finally had 5 sweaters and could wear a different one to work each day the week before Christmas. Hey, I look for excitement where ever I can find it and I set the bar low enough not to miss.

I am taking my son to the mall tomorrow since he doesn't drive and he wants to shop for his girlfriend, so he can't very well ask her to give him a ride. Yes, yes, I could tell him to take a bus. I want to tell him to take a bus - but it's Christmas so I'll do it. Even though I hate shopping in malls this time of year most of all. The upside of it is that while I'm there I can shop for a new Christmas sweater. Hopefully there will be some good intense ones left.



Annabella said...

Christmas Sweaters. Definetly a sign of the season.

I too, just got all my decorations up.

The mall this time of year is *shudder*.

~annabella, queen of random

Dawno said...

Annabella - thank you for visiting! I can tell we're kindred souls. *grin*

Thumper said...

Why, when I was a kid, we had to walk to the mall. In chest high snow. Uphill. Both ways! These kids today, they don't know how easy they got it... ;)

(said by someone who is forcing her kid to go out today so he can carry the heavy thing...)

Didja get a sweater?

Frank Baron said...

Ooooooooh! I like those sweaters! Are they, by any chance, size XL?

I'm something of a (toes ground modestly here) fashion plate sweater-wise. I'll post a couple of pics of my faves when/if the techno-gods approve of my latest sacrifice.

This time I'm offering up a barely-used copy of Computers For Dummies.

Dawno said...

No, no sweater today. Spent so much time with The Boy (to say nothing of money) that I didn't shop for myself at all. I may have to take time off from work. gee. what a shame...

Frank, sorry - no XLs. I get a womans large so it can be worn over another sweater but that would be a man's medium.

Tish G. said...

I can relate to how you look for excitement. I kinda do the same thing. Lowered expectations definitley means less disappointment.

And I still have to put up some decorations. We have a foot of snow here, so maybe that's decoration enough.