Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day!

Or, as it's known here in the States, "Huge Discounts on Seasonal Items! Stores open early, don't miss out!" day. In years past I have been one of the brave souls driving through thick Tule Fog, which settles upon Bakersfield this time of year, at 6 or 7 a.m on the 26th to shop at the Valley Plaza on Ming Ave. (featured in Trekkies, by the way - it's the mall that the young man, Gabriel Charles Köerner, whose dad has the shuttlecraft car, visits), especially at Robinson's/May - newspaper coupons in one hand and my Robinson's/May charge card in the other.

If I'm depressed at all today, it's because I'm not there filling my arms with wonderful sales items. Yep, I'm actually getting weepy. Where will I find next year's highly embellished Christmas sweater at 75% off? The tears are streaming down my cheeks now. It's not that I've succumbed to the commercialization of Boxing Day. For me it's the death of another personal tradition that crushes my spirit. You'd think that weighing the benefits (no charges to pay off, no risking life or limb driving in killer fog, an extra hour or so of sleep) of not going, against the relatively small payoff of a couple of sweaters would make me feel better but it doesn't.

I have lifted my spirits somewhat by finding two Christmas sweaters online, on sale. Hope they get here before Thursday.

I saw a meme over on Making Light. If you miss the you can do that one. Even if you don't do the meme, you should make a New Year's Resolution to read Making Light regularly. Highly literate comments to thought provoking posts. Sometimes so thought provoking it makes my brain hurt.


Dawno said...

Since I'm too shy to put this up in the comments on Making Light, I'll post my Meme of 4's here:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Red Cross Swim Instructor (bubble blowers), Worker’s Compensation claims adjuster, temporary staffing agency manager, human resources manager.
Four movies you could watch over and over: A Fish Called Wanda, In & Out, The Shawshank Redemption, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Four places you’ve lived: Levittown, PA; Edwards A.F.B, CA; Tien Mou, Taiwan; Bakersfield, CA
Four TV shows you love to watch: Smallville, Numb3ers, Lost, CSI (Las Vegas)
Four places you’ve been on vacation: Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, San Diego, & Anaheim, CA
Four websites you visit daily: Absolute Write, Making Light, Slashdot, Salon
Four of your favorite foods: Mongolian BBQ, Tri-tip, Spicier Nacho Doritos, Frosted Sugar Cookies (aka Lard Cookies)
Four places you’d rather be: San Diego, San Diego, San Diego and uh, San Diego.

Frank Baron said...

I know what you mean about feeling intimidated at Making Light. I've only ever wandered over there once or twice, a year or two ago, to read the Slushkiller thing.

I feel like any mots I may drop there won't be bon enough for that crowd.

I DO like that Meme thingy though....

Cookie said...

What me show off my Suzy HomeMaker skills: Have you ever thought of getting a plain sweater and adding your own holiday shinies to it? You could use yarn to add your own designs. Or silk ribbon. Or DMC floss. Add your own beads or other shinies. Feathers, fake greenies, just about anything.

Yes, I know. I need professional help. :p Oh! And some of us love that fog!

Tish G. said...

Hi rained out here in New England. Yes, we were dreaming of a Wet Christmas. It was so warm yesterday that I got super antsy and force Steady Eddie out of his bear-like winter slumber out to the local Mall because I thought I might get lucky with some leftovers at Old Navy. No such luck. They're cutting pants in a way that does not work with my body--and, frankly, when they cut pants that way in the '70's, I had the same problem...

Anyway, I feel your pain about not running up those charges on goodies. But, think of it this way--you're a better woman for it!

oh, interesting meme too.

Have a great New Year!

Dawno said...

Frank, saw your post on Making Light, good job!

Cookie, I did embellish a sweater one year. It was off white with off white snowmen and snowflakes. I wanted the embroidery to stand out so I got different colored yarns and re-embroidered over the snowmen. I started on the snowflakes but when I tried on the sweater to see how it looked one of the snowflakes happened to be dead center in the middle of my left breast...suffice it to say that stitching came out fast.

Tish, Wet Christmas greetings - we're still getting rain here. I know what you mean about jeans - heck any pants. When I was 115 lbs (at 5'7") I could wear low rise stuff. Now, not so much. I shop for my slacks at places that understand my need for abdominal coverage.

Thank you all for dropping in and saying hi, it means a lot to me!