Sunday, April 22, 2007

No, No! You Can't Do This to Our Peace Loving, Gentle Roombas! has reported a Roomba modification that sends chills down my spine. One of our darling little peaceful vacuuming companions has been weaponized!

Granted, the current state of the art has the militaristically suborned Roomba equipped with Airsoft pellets and a simple laser site - but surely one can see this is just a small slide down the slippery slope to armor piercing ammo and death lasers on our Roombas!?? What's next - mind control TiVo?

It's time to campaign most stridently against the weaponization of Roombas! Who's with me?

The originator of this modification has posted about it at IsoBots.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Leave it to the boys to militarize the Roomba. I'd rather have one that could follow me around and shoot hersheys kisses or M&M's(gently) in the direction of my mouth.

Great find, this is pretty funny.

Serge said...

Soon on the Discovery Channel's Futuristic Weapons show (the one with the big bald guy)... Roombas versus ED-209...

Dawno said...

crabby, I'd rather they work on the modification that does the dishes and changes the cat litter.

Serge - that would be reminiscent of the Lilliputians v Gulliver - might work if the dang thing was prone on the ground asleep, but once it's up I think it could just stomp the poor little guys. Did you notice how much the extra equipment slows the Roomba down? It couldn't out race a snail.

Serge said...

Yeah... Besides, we know how well ED-209 normally behaves even after one has obeyed its command to lay down one's weapon.

By the way, is it my imagination or has RobotWars disappeared from the Discovery Channel?