Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day!

I don't have anything to give away free. Giving it away means that at some point there was a pricetag. My writing happens here and it's always free. But, I support those who honor this day, and encourage you to check the sites and blogs that are celebrating it.

Here's where it began: Jo Walton's Live Journal
Here's the community on Live Journal that's been created: IPSTP

Just in from commentor Julie - on Dear Author: "Does Free Equal Worthless?"
good post, good comments, go read.


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julie said...

You should check out this discussion: Does Free Equal Worthless?

Dawno said...

Thanks - that is a good one! I especially liked the discussion about Kelly Armstrong. How often do you have to wait and wait between books set with the same characters or in the same 'universe' and wish you could know more about their background or get snippets of their lives between books? Or maybe that secondary character who you've come to love but only get glimpses of (for me it's Peabody in the Robb "In Death..." books - she's cool and I'd read a couple short stories about her anyday.)

It was a great conversation there - I'm going to edit my post to move the link up. Thanks again!