Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Light Reading - Some Recent Links Dawno Enjoyed

Some miscellaneous links I'd put in draft a while back and then didn't get around to posting.

Squirrel brings down aircraft Years ago my son was all about the commie squirrels in the trees outside our apartment being out to get him. I didn't send him that airline link. Or this one (which was about an attack in our community, but well after my son was over his paranoia).

The perfect birthday present for *somebody's* husband.

Cool typing test
- I was in the low to mid 70 wpm range, which surprised me.

These links are ones I've seen more recently:

Salamander robot I haven't figured out what household chores this one might do for me, but the costuming opportunities are mind-boggling!

and the DSACDAD "self assessment tool" via this link - you have to scroll down a ways on that page to get to the reference info.

I've added Google Sightseeing to my recently created Google Reader RSS feed page - I may have to download Google Earth - it's just too cool what you can see.

Also new to the reader page are the web comics Questionable Content - which I may not always "get", since I'm a total geezer, but I always enjoy - thank you Mac for introducing me) and Dinosaur Comics (thanks to a Particle on Making Light which, if you don't read, you are missing out on the most interesting discussions on the web. Really.) And Bassist Wanted from a link in the comments by Randolph Fritz on Making Light. It's another one that has band names and music in it that I'm not familiar with, but the humor is universal. There's a guy (at least so far, I've started with strip one and am reading through it chronologically) with an iPod addiction, a sleazy music company mogul, and more, I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans who knit. I don't knit - I crochet, but I still love this concept. Thank you Peter Erwin in comments on Making Light.

Speaking of Making Light and comments - the post by James D. Macdonald on Author Identity publishing and comments that follow is very worthwhile for aspiring authors.

Update to the Author Identity story: http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6430544.html
Thanks CaoPaux at Absolute Write

That's all for now.


Marilyn said...

Love the typing speed test. I've sent it to my husband since he's very competitive and claims to type faster than I do.

I also really liked the Havidol site - I wasn't sure whether it was completely legitimate or not at first. I used to work at a pharmaceutical company and all of these sites look like this. Thanks for the fun links!

Frank Baron said...

I think I flunked the typing test. I corrected all the errors I could see but no score came up.

I want that lego Star Wars ship but someone will have to assemble it for me. Along with power tools, I'm not allowed to play with small, chokeable objects or plastic bags. :)