Friday, April 06, 2007

18 Weeks

My European colleagues get today and Monday off for Easter. I don't mind so much, we get holidays they don't. It's just that February, March and April are months without company holidays in the US (we gave up President's Day), so it's a very long stretch - 18 weeks - between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Memorial Day.

"So take a vacation day," one might say. Yes, I have done that. However, unlike a holiday, with a vacation day everyone else is working the day you're gone and you come back and have to catch up on everything you missed. It's not as bad when you take a long break - things get delegated. But one day off - nope.

I miss the big musical events I used to be a part of at Easter time. Seems like some of the most stirring and meaningful music we performed was the music on Palm Sunday and Easter. One of my favorite contemporary songs ( then - it's now about 20 years old) was Via Dolorosa. Very moving.

My daughter had Spring break this past week. She visited and I was so very happy to have her here - we didn't get to do much, but just having her around gives me a lift. Unfortunately, the night she had planned to leave, her car decided to malfunction. It was a minor repair and we got it taken care of the next day. As much as I love to have her here for as long as possible, I know she needed to get home and I was sorry that it happened.

And next on the calendar of notable days - Tax Day. Certainly not something to celebrate. This year I owe the gov't way too much money. I need a couple of new dependents. It's too late to have a baby in time for the deduction next year. I may have to adopt.

...waits to see if husband actually reads blog...


Thumper said...

You adopt me and I'll adopt you, and deductions we shall have.

Oh, wait...we're too old.


I *really* need some hefty deductions...

Dawno said...

Thumper!! ((huggles))

I'm seriously thinking about buying a house - any house, in any condition, anywhere - just to get the mortgage deduction. This year is the worst for taxes yet - I think it's the "marriage penalty" kicking in, but I also couldn't deduct my eldest anymore because he upped and joined the Army. Now he's Uncle Sam's dependent. *sigh*

I'm still waiting for my husband to read my post. hee hee.