Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good vs. Evil Foosball and Other Random Stuff

Stumble took me to and I found the following things of interest there just scanning through the links which NOTCOT displays very cleverly:

  1. Good vs. Evil foosball table The inclusion of Christopher Robin baffles me. He's up against Pol Pot. Now Mary Poppins vs. Vlad the Impaler, I get that. She's got an umbrella. But Christopher Robin? All he has is a stuffed Bear...that and Gandhi vs. Caligula - um, I envision Gandhi's little model being completely loose on the bar so if it should be struck, it just spins wildly and non-violently...
  2. The Moon - as a lamp. Designed by Buzz Aldrin for Habitat (UK site). No direct link, you'll have to go thru the menu, the site uses Flash - very nicely done, too (click on Very Important Products for Kids>Buzz Aldrin to see) Buzz says about his design "It's no big secret that I'm fascinated by the moon, I always have been. So when I was approached to contribute to the VIP for Kids range, I kenw exactly what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to make the moon I love, much more than a distant object kids passibely peer at through their window. I wanted to make it a place which they can actively explore in their bedroom." Cool. I'd like it in my dining room.
  3. Bagel to Go What a clever idea. I can just see someone who has used all their DVRs up wondering what to do with the container and thinking "I can put a bagel sandwich in here!" It would be good for donuts, too.
  4. For the yogi who has everything - is your bed of nails too passé for you? How about Chair of Sharp Pencils?
  5. Love Hurts - With this ring, at least once a year, it certainly will. Wouldn't you get a burn from that? I wouldn't be sneaky about it, warn your SO or they might throw the thing in the river.
  6. This one is for my daughter. I know what you're getting for your birthday now!

Enough for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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