Friday, April 27, 2007

Coincidental Lime Pie

Today I read a post by James Macdonald at Making Light. It is his lime pie recipe (the one that's like writing a short story).

I am currently at the Amelia Island Plantation resort in Florida attending a conference (Last day, I go home tomorrow! Yay!). Twice I've been served a lime flavored, wedge shaped dessert. I don't think I've ever had lime pie before.

One was listed on the menu as key lime pie, the other was sitting out on the dessert buffet and looked yummy, and neither was exactly like the other. Both had a pie crust that seemed like graham cracker crust (I say seemed, because it was richer and more moist than any I've had previously), both served with a whipped cream dollop, one sat upon a drizzle of raspberry sauce, one had a thin slice of lime and a cherry garnish.

One was a bit more tart than the other, one was more custard like and one was a bit sturdier - almost like cheesecake - but both were heavenly. Anyone know if there are regional distinctions in how to construct a key lime pie or was this typical of the variants in key lime pies - or maybe one of them was lime cheesecake?

I'm very happy to be coming home tomorrow. It was a good conference - first time I've been able to network with industry peers. First time I've been to Florida, too. Great food, super hospitality and fantastic weather. I have a view of the Atlantic from my balcony - today there are some decent waves - no surfers that I can see. I wonder why that is.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Don't know about regional variations, but I do know that the further (farther? I can never remember the rule) you get from the Keys the less likely a Key Lime Pie is likely to taste sublime.

I had several great versions while vacationing there and thought, oh yay, a yummy new dessert I didn't even know I liked.

Then horribly lame examples of key lime pie from various other parts of the country ruined my appreciation of it. But next time I'm in Key West--I'm diving in.

Dawno said...

I guess I can brace myself for key lime pie disappointment - I'm about as far from the Keys as one can get in the lower 48.

Crabby, thank you for visiting so often - it's wonderful to see you here and get your comments!

re: further, farther - I Googled and got this:

FARTHER denotes physical advancement in distance.

FURTHER denotes advancement to greater degree, as in time.

Dawn said...

I see you approached the researching of Lime Pies with true writerly thoroughness. Hope it hasn't all gone to the hips! That's where it goes with me.

It could be very confusing with you and I both commenting on the same page!

Dawno said...

Dawn - thanks for dropping in! At the conference I was attending there was another Dawn and we ended up sitting next to each other at dinner before we knew we were both Dawns. It was amusing to introduce ourselves to the new folk sitting down "we're the Dawns"

Crabby McSlacker said...

All right so now I've got the damn song "Delta Dawn" in my head and I blame both of you.

Anonymous said...

I just want you gals to know that you're making my sweet tooth act up somethin' fierce. :)