Saturday, April 21, 2007

Random Tid Bits from Dawno's Life (Isn't that what this blog is mostly about, anyway?)

POD People just posted a review I wrote of a fine little mystery.

Earlier today, I posted a little update on my Live Journal. I may do a brief x-post or something over on MySpace as well. I now officially have what the psychiatric community likes to call "way too many blogs".

All day the hubby has been IM'ing me links to cat pictures from a site called I Can Has Cheeseburger ? The latest link he sent I found quite amusing. Would ironic be the right word?

I'm really, really happy that I have Google Reader - my list there is growing daily. I've tried a number of ways I thought would help me keep track of all the blogs and sites I want to read - this one works best for me.

I signed up with BlogHer - not really sure what prompted me to do it.

I've been enjoying a number of older Making Light posts and comment threads, spurred on by a post put up today with more of Mike Ford's Occasional Works. Reading the original post and the context around his comments, which are the content of the 'occasional works', has been educational and fun.

One of the things I learned from my perusal of those threads was there is a regular commenter who is a partner in a SF & Fantasy bookstore in Berkeley called The Other Change of Hobbit. Hubby and I are going to get on BART one of these weekends (soon!) and go visit. Mebby we'll wander around Berkeley, too. You'd think after 11 years up here I'd have gone there by now.

I haven't gone and done a complete count, but the Blogging Forum on Absolute Write (yours truly, moderator) has over 600 posts in the introduction thread. That means that there are close to 600 blogs listed - I say close because there are my "welcome" posts and other conversational ones - but still, it's got to be getting close to 600.

That said, my sidebar list of AW Bloggers will be tough to bring up to date. I'm pondering what to do about it. I'm pondering about a bunch of tweaks and changes. If you show up some day and things look different, that's just me re-arranging the furniture.

It has taken me over two hours to get from start to finish on this post. I keep wandering off to read things in other tabs, let cats in and out of the room, check the laundry...I think I'll put this to bed now and myself, soon, as well. Good Night!


Serge said...

A case of too many blogs... It IS a sad situation.

As for going to the Other Change of Hobbit.. Let's hope you don't run into Shattuck Street's own Othello, like some of us did the day after Easter.

Dawno said...

I am forewarned, and thus will be watching carefully for him. Have a good recommendation for lunch while we're there?

Teresa said...

Do you mean Tom Whitmore? I'll happily give you contact information for him.

serge said...

Lunch recommendations? Alas, I can't give you any. I liked that Tibetan restaurant, on University, that we had gone to. The ebst thing to do would be to ask Tom Whitmore and the bookstore's other people.

Dawno said...

Teresa - yes, it was Tom.
Serge - I'll do that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Emily Veinglory said...

The blogs are taking over. I am the primary blogger on four of the little darlin's and member of three more! When am I meant to write actual fiction? I need an intervention.

Dawno said...

Emily, there's probably a 12 step program out there somewhere...