Friday, June 02, 2006

Wandering Around the Blogosphere...

A collection of posts/sites I've recently been refered to:

I spent a little time at PlagiarismToday, which unlike "Christianity Today" isn't a place for plagiarists to find support and uplifting articles about spreading the gospel of stealing other folk's work. (Sorry, I did have one of those mental flash images of it being just that and had to share)

Plagiarism Today talks about the issue of internet plagiarism that I brought up in my post "Uh, That post title looked really familiar". It's an elegantly designed blog, well organized and the author is articulate, providing great advice and useful references. Dawno recommends you put it in your blogroll or bookmark it for personal use. Thank you Laurie at Perigrinas for bringing it to my attention and writing a great post of her own on the topic. (Her new header graphic is very pretty, as well).

Jenn Hollowell has a blog that's all about collecting the AW/Barbara Bauer posts - fabulous reference. A recent post on a site called (another one for the blogroll!) has a letter from Jenna, that she sent out in her Absolute Write newsletter, reprinted in its entirety and you should go read it and thank for reposting it. Also found on Jenn's listing was a post at The Article Writer worth a read. The neat thing about that blog is all the great references in the side bar. Don't miss it.

And Jason at A Moment of Reason has posted an AW Update story with a great quote from JAlpha that I encourage you to read. (Was it posted at the Refugee Camp? Jason just sited it as "from a thread I started in another forum")

I hope you all visit these places and say "thank you" as a grateful AW member, or writer who supports AW, in their comments (if allowed).

Jenna and crew are working very hard to get AW Forums back up for us - until you hear otherwise, PLEASE don't go there and hit "refresh" obsessively trying to be the first person back in - it makes for a lot of emails to the site admins and problems with the restore.

Jenna's still not out of the woods, even when everything gets back to normal, on the expenses that have piled up. She's not gotten any of her normal revenue stream and that's what pays the bills. Please, if you can spare any amount, push the paypal dontation button in the sidebar and help out.


Laurie said...

What a lovely image! A place for all plagiarists to gather and gain support from each other for their evil and ignorant deeds... *smirk*

Thanks for the compliment on my header graphic. I slaved over a hot PhotoShop all day for that one... (Uh, not really. But I thought it sounded good...) :D

Alan Yee said...

I am quite flattered. Jenn Hollowell linked to me.

Art_Addiction said...

Wow, thank you so much for mentioning the posts I've been making. ::blushes:: I've been trying to actively collect everything daily so and anywhere else will always have updated links up. (bomb-ba-bomb-bomb) I'm still amazed at how much I'm continuously finding!