Sunday, June 18, 2006

Short Update and News Post

I sent out a new edition of my CafePress newsletter which you can subscribe to by email (look for the subscription box in the sidebar) OR read here .

The lovely and talented Chacounne has offered to create unique handcrafted needlework bookmarks for five special someones. I'll be posting some pictures and the details of how to be one of the five on my website, as well as blogging about it here and posting it on AW, etc.

If you want to pre-order, sight unseen, contact me and I'll send you the details directly via email. I'm working on constructing a special webpage and setting up a PayPal account, which will probably take all day. So if you don't want to wait and be one of the "first come, first served" when I post it on my website, email me soon.

By the way, I've seen the sample work and it's beautiful - you can choose your own design from a large number of lovely examples of expert stitchery and your own color scheme.

Chacounne is donating the entire $20 price to AW. That's $100 total to help Jenna pay the bills and the technical helpers that got us back up and running, and keeps AW on the net, every day.

Hosting a huge bandwidth sucking site like Absolute Write Water Cooler isn't cheap; she's got a ways to go to recover from all those days of lost site revenue and other expenses undertaken to get our data back intact.

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jen.nifer said...

Wow Dawno, had no idea such a store existed, I've got to get myself one of those t-shirts!