Monday, June 19, 2006

I've Got My Site Up now hosts a webpage that links to all my blogs (here, on Live Journal and the one hosted on the OhDawno domain) as well as the CafePress Newsletter Index.

It's pretty basic right now - I'll be polishing my html and CSS skills before I try much tweaking.

The most important thing that's on the new site, however, isn't all the stuff about me, it's the new page I put up to share with you about the Absolute Write fundraising idea that Chacounne had. It's a very simple web page, so don't expect a lot of bells and whistles. I'm just happy I figured out how to get the dang thing up!

I've also posted one review on POD People today and submitted another, my own, to Medievalist's review site. The POD People review is by emeraldcite, who has agreed to be a POD People reviewer and his first review went up today. Do read! My review is about the book, The Making of a Bestseller by Brian Hill and Dee Power. I'll link to it when it gets posted.

My daughter flew back south this evening. I'm all empty nest-y again. It was such fun having her around. *sigh* She tells me her new place (yep, she recently moved) has a pond and two fish. Carlos and George, I believe she and Her SailorBoy named them. She's closer to the State University but further from the community college she's been going to (I think I remembered that correctly).

Ack! It's after midnight! I better wrap this up and try to get to bed, full day of meetings tomorrow, starting bright and early at 8 am. Lucky me.



Laurie said...

Dawno, honey, I have a comment... Your header graphic is too wide for my laptop screen, so forces the page to be scrollable side to side.

Curiosity - do you plan on moving this blog over there or running two blogs?

Looking good, by the way. :)

Dawno said...

The header graphic you refer to is the one for "Complete Catalog" right? Because the one here at NVNC is well clear of the borders of the page...

I haven't decided what to do about the whole blogging thing so I'll just keep all three of them for now.

Andy said...

You've got a bad link in there. The first picture links to "http://www.http//"

Also one minor note on the HTML coding. You've set the document as XHTML 1.0 but used HTML 4.0 style image tags.
Valid XHTML requires you to supply an alt="..." for each image and close the image tag with /> rather than just >
It's a minor detail, all browsers will still display everything correctly but if you're going to do something... ;-)

Dawno said...

Thanks Andy! And as for the XHTML suggestion, I'll see what I can learn about that and fix the stuff...I found a freebie template, tweaked some stuff but basically just used the HTML that I was familiar with...I'm one of those "knows enough to be dangerous" types.

Laurie said...

Dawno, yes, I meant for the blog over at, and it's fixed! Yay! Thank you!

Um, just one comment for informational purposes - if you wanted to, you could combine one or more of your blogs. Fahim's Blog program can download blog entries and incorporate them into one database on your computer, whereupon you can then republish to another blog. If that makes sense to you? It's all actually mostly painless.

Anyway, not saying you have to or even should. Just giving you one possible alternative if you were scratching your head. :)

Andrea said...

Yeah, it's basic but your site looks nice. Good Job!