Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day and other stuff...

“Give a dad a fish and he will eat it.
Teach a dad to fish
and he will drink beer on the dock.”

...Shoebox Greeting Card
(yes, Frank, I thought of you when I heard this)

Father's Day is nearly upon us. Did you send Dad a card? Buy him a tie or some lovely Old Spice cologne and aftershave? Or maybe your dad is a BRUT kind of guy.

I think my dad would love a case of York Peppermint Patties. I sent a chocolate and cookie basket.

The other day, driving home, I was listening, as usual, to NPR's "All Things Considered." They had a great piece playing called 'Funny, but No': Shoebox Cards' Hits and Misses. I love Shoebox cards. My kitchen calendar is a "Maxine" calendar. What a great gal (even if she is just a cartoon). And she has her own website now. It's not just because I'm "getting up there" in years myself, I would have loved her when I was 18 - I have always aspired to her attitude about life - her logo says "20 years of yelling it like it is." My kind of people.

Here's another lovely Father's Day quote - one that didn't quite make the cut at Shoebox:

"You'll always be my Dad.
That's one thing the casinos can’t take away from me."
...Rejected Shoebox Idea

I don't get why that one didn't fly - seems a lovely sentiment to me. I highly recommend listening to the archive version of the piece. You can also read the book: Shoebox Greatest Hits and Misses from Hallmark.

My son wrote and called me - he's doing well. He got to blow stuff up the other day and loves the French toast they have at breakfast. There's a Family Day coming up at the end of July and then Basic Training graduation on September 1st. Of course I'll be going!

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