Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pets in Costumes, Absolute Write Status & Fundraising, Dawno Got a Letter From Her Boy!

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  • Do I really need to say more? Look at the expressions on the guinea pig...

    I think most folk know that AW forums are back up and they seem pretty stable. I posted an AW Monday Meme for sharing the experiences. OhDawno's CafePress store is showing up in post signatures and blogs/sites all over - there have been 10 orders and so far $17 has been collected for AW. Thank you! Check out the newsletter (I worked really hard on it, just to toot my own horn a bit) but haven't sent it out since there are still only 6 subscribers...I'll send it out on Friday, no matter what.

    I've gotten some requests with more fund raising ideas that I'll be getting to work on this week and posting more about - so do come back to check - better yet, subscribe to my blog via FeedBlitz (subs. button in the sidebar) and you'll always know when there's a new post! You could also go start a Technorati Favorites list (also in sidebar) and have a real time index of all of your favorite blogs' posts when they happen ...(to show up at Technorati).

    I finally got a letter from my son. He wrote it on day 2 of basic training:

    ...I'm here at Ft. Benning and I've now been in boot for 2 days so far...I am loving this very much it's like Airsoft 24/7 and I'm in heaven...My 3 drill sergeants are very cool. I'm not just saying that because they would smoke me if I didn't, I really mean it, they are very good soldiers. Anyway, I'm alive and well and doing great..."

    We'll see how he feels in a few weeks. I was so excited to hear I had a letter I bolted home from work a bit early the other day! If you have a list of people you remember in your prayers, meditations, good thoughts moments, etc., please think of Dawno's soldier when you do.

    Speaking of work, I'm putting in a lot of extra hours and it leaves me less time for reading blogs, posting here and at AW, etc. I haven't forgotten you if you haven't seen a comment in a while, I'll try to get over to your place soon.



    Kira said...

    Glad you heard from your son, Dawno!

    Dawno said...

    Me too! Thanks for dropping by, it's getting rather less crowded around here these days. :-)

    emeraldcite said...

    I noticed that you haven't been around. Been missing your cheer. Who else sparkles the place up?

    Signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to it.

    See, you're son's okay. He'll make it through boot. If he didn't hate it two days in, he'll still be in love with it by the end. Good character building.