Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The VAIO is Down

This could be really really tragic. My faithful companion, a smallish Sony VAIO (I got the small one because it was cuter) has been blue screening and today when I got home it was blue screened again. I tried shutting off and re-starting. Got a message that I should pick one of a few options and try to start it. So I tried Windows Normal - nope. Tried Windows Safe Mode - nope.

I sure hope the SO (a sysadmin) can save my data even if the poor laptop is toast. No, I haven't done a back up - was thinking about it. *sigh*

I could use some computer *mojo* right about now. I actually have some work in progress stored in there and if it's gone I'm not sure I can re-write it.

I'm definitely going to do religious back ups from now on if the Computer Gods will have mercy on me.


Patricia said...

You know Sparky, that everything is your fault by admission. Soooo...what else would one think when AW goes down?

Seriously, I wonder if the Tornados are anywhere near the servers? Who knows?

Back ups are always learned the hard way, just as you did. I lost major work in progress before I started faithfully backing up.

Hope to see ya on the boards soon. At least your blog link is working from my blog site. :)

Thumper said...

Oh man...I feel your pain. I've lost huge chunks of work to a finicky Sony VAIO...so much that I'll never buy one again.

But the worst--worse than losing 75% of a novel--was when a hard drive crashed, swallowing up pictures we'd taken of the dog the day before he died. I'm still heartbroken over that.

Lost of compu-mojo your way. I hope you can get all your data back.

emeraldcite said...

i would suggest toshiba. i've had one for five or six years and it still rocks.

Dawno said...

I'm not sure what laptop I'll get next. I saw a nifty tablet/laptop combo where the screen reverses and you can use it as a tablet - which would be great for taking notes in meetings when typing is discouraged.

I'm hopeful that the SO can rescue it one more time, I'll back up all my data and then we'll talk about getting me a new one.