Monday, November 14, 2005

New Blogging Forum at My Fav. Hangout!

There's a bright shiny new forum (well, sub-forum in a bright shiny new forum) at Absolute Write. It's the Blogging forum. And, Dawno Sparkly Ears here is it's moderator.

I invite you to come and talk about blogging. The forum isn't for adverstising or hyping your blog (which I know none of you would do!), rather it's a place where I hope we'll have good conversations about the world of blogs, the tech of blogs and what it's like to be a blogger. I'm completely not the expert on any of this, so I could use your help!

I'm particularly interested in real discussion about things that I've yet to dig deeply into like citizen journalism and Carnival Blogging and social networking. (yeah, subtle hints for you know who you are)

Your support would be greatly appreciated.



emeraldcite said...

Congrats on your modship!

You deserve it!

(been going through withdrawl. Can't log onto AW at all today. Keep getting the busy the server refusal and "document contains no data" message.)

Thumper said...


Every time I try to log onto Absolute Write the connection is refused.

My feelings are hurt.


They are.

emeraldcite said...

I think we're shut out. It's personal. Geez. Now I'm gonna have to write...

I hope we move to a new server soon...

Jill said...

You can count on me! I'm thrilled for you to moderate me, baby!! :)

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Congrats Dawno. Great to see you as moderator!