Thursday, November 17, 2005

Maps! Chairs! Dawno's VAIO Health Report! Comments!

I've added a new link down in Stuff and Such in my sidebar. It's a blog called "Google Maps Mania" I read about it this morning on C|net in an article about "mashups" (defined in the article as ' "mashups"--hybrid software that combines content from more than one source') The article is #5 in a special report series called Taking Back the Web.

So, let's say you want to know the weather and time in LaPaz, Bolivia. There's a mashup Google Map you can check. Are you looking for where to buy beer in Toronto? US cities with weird names? This blog has links to these and many, many more.

This one is one of my top 10. Shoefiti tracks the locations of shoes hanging from powerlines.

This may end up cross posted in the blogging forum on AW - If I can ever get back in, again.

Followups: There is information about the AW board downtime posted at AW. I encourage anyone who hasn't complained to the hosting company to send an email. Also, if you ever are in a position to recommend a hosting company or in need of one, may I suggest you avoid Host Excellence.

The SO is working on the VAIO - I may not have lost my data, but he might not be able to re-install Windows XP - apparently there are issues. Is it time to learn Linux?

I am sitting in MY NEW CHAIR! For the past month and a bit, since my son moved out, I've been using one of the kitchen table chairs at my desk. It's a ladderback chair with a cane seat. Even with a seat pad it was seriously uncomfortable. I now have a new high backed leather executive desk chair. I'm in love. Smells good too.

I got a note from an AW member and new blogging colleague about comments. The note said, "If people don't comment on blogs, do you take it personally, beg, or what?" Me, I don't take it personally.

There are many times when I am just alert enough to read a blog but too tired or brain fuddled to leave a comment so I just imagine there are others like me out there. Sometimes I chalk it up to having said something that really doesn't lend itself to comments other than "yep, I agree" or "nice post" and lots of folks don't comment like that. They want to say something substantial.

Me, I don't care if you just say hi or "dropping in to let you know I'm reading" but that's me. Maybe it's not good 'blogiquette' I'm not sure. (hey, they made up the word nettiquette!)

I would discourage begging :-) Keep blogging, keep commenting on other blogs - people will want to connect and you'll get comments.

Oh, ending with a question that folks could answer may elicit comments, or posting something really contraversial and inviting opposing opinions. Bottom line, people comment when they have something to say about what you've said.

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Lady-Luna said...

Thank you for linking to the Gogglemania blog. I've added it to my Bloglines to read whenever there are new posts.

Frank B. said...

Test-driving my new Blog folder.


Works well!

Dawno said...

you're welcome lady-luna! Frank, you need a smog cert. to drive that thing in California, ya know.

emeraldcite said...

linux isn't so bad nowadays, although i'm not sure if i'm comfortable moving on. In theory I like it, but ... hmmm, i may still be brainwashed.

foxfire, the browser i now use, rocks. it's open source. It's so much faster than explorer. You don't notice at first, but after using it a bit and then go back to x-plorer, you notice the speed difference.

not to mention the tab function that lets you open multiple pages in one window.

i might move to linux, but not yet.

Dawno said...

I use Firefox as well. I love it. Lots of great add-ons too. I'm going to have to get all my toolbars back. I'm especially fond of Google and Google desktop search.

Ed said...

Thanks for the plug for

And congrats on the new chair!

Dawno said...

Whew! I've had a 'celebrity' encounter because of a post! Welcome Ed, I was thrilled to link to your site, it's a fun public service site and a good use of the 'mashup' concept.