Friday, November 18, 2005

Dawno Thinks About a Backup Strategy

I'm happy to report that I'm composing this on my darling little Sony VAIO laptop. The SO replaced the hard drive and re-installed Windows. He's going to work on recovering my data from the corrupted drive tomorrow. He's hopeful he can recover all my docs. Since I had ALL my writing in this machine I am definitely chewing my nails over a successful recovery effort.

So I'm thinking about my backup strategy now. I have a private Live Journal that I started for the express purpose of storing versions of a story I was working on so I could work on it from any computer, anywhere. I think I'm going to use that as one place to save my stuff. I just have to hope that Live Journal stays around. Actually, I need to utilize multiple resources. Burn CDs regularly, etc. I could also send anything I compose to myself at Gmail using one of the accounts I created that I haven't given out as an address yet. With two G's storage for each account, I can save a lot of drafts. This also has the advantage of being accessable from any computer anywhere. (Yes, I created a number of my own Gmail accounts. They keep giving me all these 'invites' so I just keep inviting myself and coming up with new email names. I think I wrote them all down somewhere, too.)

Any other suggestions are very welcome.



rosemerry said...

You didn't write all your names that you invited yourself too on your VIAO did you? :)

If you did I hope you can recover it.

Dawno said...

LOL! No, those are on a PostIt note page in my aluminium Badtz-maru embossed mini-daytimer (guaranteed to have DHS airport screeners opening your bag)

I've acquired all for myself such names as beefalo.n.bunnyranch (at) gmail, geezerette (at) gmail, and exlibrisfeline (at) gmail - which is the name of, and email addy for, my cats' LJ. Hey, they needed it!

emeraldcite said...

get a large flashdrive (like a jumpdrive). They're fast, easy, and reliable. With a big one, you can store a good amount of data between cd burns. And they're small enough that you can take them anywhere and use them on a 'puter with a usb port.

I tend to save projects that i'm working on since the last backup to my jumpdrive and do a burn every month or so.

Thumper said...

I agree with the fash drive suggestion. You want to use a form of media that's going to be around for a long time. Save to flash, back up to CD.

Eons ago I worked on a Brother word processor. It was a spiffy thing and saved all my stuff to floppy disks--in its own language. I set those aside and when I needed them a few years late, the word processor itself was long gone and I had no way to retrieve the data (not until a well connected friend found someone who could get it for me...)

LJ and Gmail may not be the most stable place to save your work; they could have major outage issues, losing data, but if you invest in a flash or jumpdrive and put things onto CDs regularly, you won't have to use LJ or Gmail.

Dawno said...

Thanks Emeraldcite and Thumper, I'll be getting a couple of those next trip to Fry's.