Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Had you come to my door last night this is what would have greeted you

Scary, huh? My daughter was dressed in a very cute pirate girl (wench?) costume. I tried all night to upload the picture from my cell phone and post but the network was slammed with other folks who had the exact same idea - but probably with pictures of their cute kids instead of theirselves. The SO got a pic of me and my daughter, but I don't have that on my computer to post, sorry.

The trick or treating started pretty early with the littlest ones and ended (for us) around 8 pm when we ran out of candy and I swear we gave away 20 lbs of it. I got sent off to Taco Bell with the makeup and ears, also swung by the drugstore for more candy because our initial batch was running low. When I got back with the food the bowl was down to a handful.

My daughter and I watched Dead and Loving It while we waited for the doorbell to ring. We didn't watch Blackula which came next since we were out of candy and abandoning the living room.

Hope your Halloween was fun. Now, all you NaNo-ers, why are you here reading this when you have goals to meet???


rosemerry said...

Hey Dawno,

Thanks for adding my blog to the list. How do you get the links up on your side bar. I am HTML illerate and the directions are utterly confusing.

I am nanoing this year and I have a measly 300 words so far. I didn't think of joining till last minute but I'll catch up.

Ray Wong said...

Dawno, use the following links to subscribe to my blogs:

I, the Author: http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=6985

Road to Publication:

Ray's Rave Reviews:

Or go to the blogs and subscribe there using the forms.


Dawno said...

Lyra Jean,

I opened my template and stuck them in. It was cut and paste, trial and error (thank goodness for the 'preview' feature) I can do a copy paste of what my sidebar code is and email it - if you think that will help...


I have your blog and review site subscribed and will figure out how to sub to the "official site" later. Thanks!