Friday, February 02, 2007

Unicorn Stories - Are There Not Enough or Too Many?

Not that long ago a dear friend of mine made note of unicorn themed submittals she had recently seen. I hadn't really noticed any particular increase in unicorn writing, but I'm way behind in my reading of F&SF so maybe there has been an increase in interest lately and I've just missed it. Why this popped to the front of my mind today, I have no idea. But it did.

A quick peek at shows that 36 books are to be released in 2007 (at least, so far) that reference unicorns. The search brings up over 20,000 related hits. Now probably in most cases these books might use the word somewhere and the focus isn't on telling a unicorn story. The book could be about a little girl who has a stuffed unicorn, or discussion of unicorns in heraldry, so the key word search isn't definitive.

What's your feeling about unicorn stories - enough, not enough, too many?

Sculpture of the Day

More on the Boston Lite Brite Debacle "...Instead of becoming a stronger society, we have become a society that is so skiddish[sic] that we can’t go to the deli without fear of terrorist attack. We can’t see a piece of junk in the corner and not think it is a bomb. And we are engaged in a long term war responsible for tens or hundreds of thousands of casualties because we are so skiddish[sic] we allow our government to talk us into anything."

Spoof iPhone ad If the iPhone really was a portable shower and deodorant,too. I'd buy it.


Anonymous said...

About the whole Boston thing...
I think once again, the thing we have to fear most in this society is fear itself. I think a nice balanced amount of fear, vigilance, due diligance and all that stuff can be healthy.
But this much? No.

yclept qplagh

Dawno said...

I need to think more about the value of fear. I'm inclined to think it doesn't do much for us in these circumstances; it just makes us more likely to believe there really are monsters under the bed.